‘Force’ director Nishikant Kamat signs his next

The director surprised everyone by opting for a new production house for his new assignment, overlooking the serpentine line of established producers of B-town outside his door after the success of Force

Love, Action, Comedy Films is the new production house that Force director Nishikant Kamat has opted for to helm his new film. Stating that the owner of the firm is a close friend of his, Kamat hasn’t disclosed anything about the subject of his new movie yet. The filmmaker, who won a National Award for his film Marathi film Dombivli Fast, was recently in the news because he refused Vipul Shah’s offer to direct the sequel of Force. Kamat reasoned that Force 2 would get way too repetitive for him, as he liked trying a hand at different genres. Despite his hesitation to take up the assignment, Shah seems to be quite sure about going forward with his decision to make the sequel – with or without Kamat. Now we just hope this new assignment satiates Kamat’s desire to try something new and creates headlines, just the way his Force and most of his other movies have done.