FORCE Quick Movie Review: Yet another violent cop story

 Genelia is cute, but John is impassive. It is Vidyut, the villain, who will win hearts

Force is a remake of the Tamil film Kaakha Kaakha. This one stars Genelia D’Souza and John Abraham. Our gal in the dress circle sent us this SMS telling us what she thought of the film: “There’s a dialogue in the movie where John says “I hate dance and drama…” I think it so aptly highlights his weak areas. The director has cashed in on Genelia’s cuteness. John and Gen make a cute pair. This is perhaps the most convenient role John has had to play, as he is an impassive and emotionless cop. The main villain Vidyut is supremely dishy, muscular, acts decently and is flexible, unlike John. That in a way puts him a notch higher than John. Force is yet another violent cop story about a man who is afraid of falling in love and leading a normal life. An average film made bearable because of the droolworthy men and typical yet interesting romance between John and Genelia. Worth a watch? You decide!

All you need to know about John and Genelia’s FORCE