Forget Kkhuda, Tell Me O Panditji!

An anxious Hema Malini is unable to release her film on an auspicious date, thanks to a certain lion

Hema Malini is trying hard to ensure Tell Me O Kkhuda is a hit. No, not by investing in a better script. Or top actors. Or even in an item number. And adding an extra ‘K’ is just passé, right? Instead, she is consulting astrologers and numerologists for the ‘correct’ release date. From what we hear, that hasn’t worked out so well after all. Apparently, the pundit she consulted advised Hema Malini that it would be best if she released her film on July 22. He even guaranteed that doing so would make the film a hit. Of course, Hema then rushed to tell her distributors that she wanted to release the film on that date. Only to receive a huge shock. Not one of them agreed. Guess why? ‘Cause Ajay Devgn’s action flick Singham is releasing on the day. Now you don’t have to be a trade pundit to know that releasing a smaller, no-top-stars film on the same date as a big-budget thriller is committing harakiri. And with Hema having seen this happen several times over the course of her long career, well, she finally backed down. Now she is looking for a different (but auspicious) date. Wonder if she is also looking for a different astrologer?