Freida Pinto wants to do a Bollywood film

Freida Pinto wants to do a Bollywood film

But she doesn’t desire for the typical glamorous, singing and dancing kind of roles in masala movies

Freida Pinto, who isn’t exactly making as a dazzling impression on the red carpet at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival as we expected, recently signed her eighth film by an international filmmaker – BAFTA Award-winning director Nick Broomsfield’s The Catastrophist. And it amplified our belief that the Hindi film industry had lost the attractive Indian actor to its global counterpart.

But we discovered that Freida hasn’t really forgotten the film industry that thrives in her own country, India. The Slumdog Millionaire babe, who shifted residence from Mumbai to Los Angeles after Danny Boyle’s super-successful film won a string of awards, isn’t interested in magnum opus, escapist dramas made by leading filmmakers of Bollywood like Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra or Rajkumar Hirani. She wants something rooted in reality that’s made by one of the newer crop of directors and producers in B-town. In an interview Freida said, “I’ve told Anurag (Kashyap) to write something interesting for me.”

Let’s hope Anurag, who will soon be in Cannes – the place he thinks is the ‘Mecca’ for filmmakers – to screen his dacoit drama Gangs Of Wasseypur, exchanges story ideas with the hottie. And along the way fulfills her wish of doing a film in Bollywood!

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  • Sid

    Who is she kidding? Her 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood will end pretty soon.
    She can’t act and it’s not like she’s making headlines in HW. Frieda dear, time to lose that fake accent and get a reality check.

    • Rohit

      Agreed. She is only getting small roles and she did have a lead role in one movie and she was bashed so much for her acting. In Hollywood there are much better actresss and prettier ones too. I mean how can she compete with them? She is not Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson. They will alway be offred great roles because they can A-C-T while she can’t even emote properly.

  • Parish Shewta

    wow….who the does she think she is ? meryl streep? she can’t pick and chose roles…well because she has no reputation in that particalar industry. 1. she can’t act. 2. she is looks very average without makeup and photoshopping 3. not very well known in the usa,cananda,uk,india either. I mean she can’t attract a mega-aduience for her movies like james franco did for rise of the apes. this girl freida is having delusions of herself. she likes to put down indians and bollywood but it’s not like she is being treated fairly in hollywood either.