Posted Mon, September 12, 2011 3:16pm IST

Composer Amit Trivedi’s score for the film has also been appreciated

She did not have that much to do in Slumdog Millionaire, and neither Miral nor Rise of the Planet of the Apes did very much for Freido Pinto as a good actor. But if the early reviews of her latest film, the Michael Winterbottom-directed Trishna are anything to go by, the gal can indeed act. One reviewer says that she brings a “fragile dignity” to her role, while others say that Ms P looks gorgeous   and that the song – now available in the trailer online (watch Trishna trailer) – is outstanding. But what makes us even happier is the fact that Amit Trivedi has been highly lauded for his music in the film – his songs have been singled out for praise from western critics. Which proves that there is life beyond AR Rahman, wethinks!