Freida Pinto goes nude for ‘Immortals’! Or does she?

With the 3D movie releasing today, we bring you the inside story on the actor’s stripping scene in the film

You’ve seen her in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but Immortals is actually Freida Pinto’s first big film. The actor revealed in an interview to an American paper recently that she had signed and started work on Immortals before Apes. It was a huge step for Freida, as her first commercial big-budget Hollywood film. So you wouldn’t be surprised that she agreed to go nude for it, right? Come on, who in Freida’s position will say no? Even Freida didn’t refuse to do it. And not because she was uncomfortable. Her reason was completely different – she wasn’t asked to do it! Yes, Freida was told from the beginning that a body double – you read that right! – would be doing the nude scenes and there was never any question of her having to do it! Freida revealed in the same interview that Tarsem Singh, the director, felt that there was no actual acting required in the scenes so there was no need for Freida to be in them. Hmm… so does that mean Freida is actually acting in the other scenes of the film? This we got to see!


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