Freida Pinto got booed at the Coldplay concert, here’s why!

Freida Pinto’s experience at the Coldplay concert can’t be called pleasant at all. Unfortunately, she got boo-ed big time there! Wondering why? So here’s what happened.. The crowd was already going crazy as they had been waiting impatiently for Coldplay to perform. Everyone had been there at the venue since morning and until evening there was no sign of Coldplay. After Shah Rukh made his stage appearance, it was Frieda’s turn. When she came onstage the crowd started shouting and yelling asking for Coldplay to perform. Well, we don’t blame them coz they had been waiting since so long. So when she came on stage and they started shouting, she asked them to calm down and said that until and unless they “keep quiet” Coldplay won’t come and perform. That’s so childish. That’s how teachers deal with second graders in schools. No wonder she got boo-ed!

One of the biggest highlights this year was the Coldplay concert. At The Global Citizen Festival this year Chris Martin and the entire Coldplay band was here in Mumbai and it was so much fun to see them perform. From Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt to Katrina Kaif almost every B-townie was present there. What made this event more special was that Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin sang Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s famous song, Channa Mereya on the stage. How awesome is that? The Global Citizen Festival was total madness and we hope they come back to India soon!