Fugly title song: Akshay Kumar truly overshadows Salman Khan in this special number!

Wed, April 30, 2014 12:43pm IST by

Fugly title song: Akshay Kumar truly overshadows Salman Khan in this special number!

The title track of Akki’s upcoming production venture Fugly is out and we are indeed impressed – it’s interesting, quirky and a visual delight too! What else do you want, hai na?

The makers of Fugly have finally released the special Yo Yo Honey Singh number from their film which features two superstars – Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan. Titled Yeh fugly fugly kya hai, the song also stars Vijendra Singh, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani and Arif Lamba. But it’s Khiladi Kumar who steals the show all the way. In fact, AK looks so hot in the title track that he completely overshadows the Bhai of Bollywood. So much so that you won’t even look at Sallu miyaan even for a minute. No wonder, the Kick actor go upset during the shooting of this song and walked away without filming the number entirely. Besides Akshay, we also loved the way this song has been shot. It’s very creative and innovative, must say! Coming to the song, the Lungi dance singer has yet again hit the bullseye with his latest offering. Ye fugly fugly kya hai is super entertaining and fun to hear. Though we did found the music of this song quite similar to Singh’s Party with the Bhoothnath. Nonetheless, the title track of Fugly which is produced by Akki himself is worth hearing!

So Bollywoodlifers quickly check out the video, hear the song and tell us – Ye fugly fugly kya hai, yeh fugly fugly…Wink wink! Guess we are already addicted to Honey Singh’s new song.

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  • indian

    worthless music

  • Bandy Banerjee

    Looks like you have joined the gang of zoom TV, Mumbai mirror, Hindustan times and midday. These are the salman hater media and always come up with greatest lies and mind boggling chu***pa. Always trying to pull down salman. Hate you losers!

  • Ash

    They are too old for this. The gangsta wannabe hand gestures just look lame now. Almost as bad as Salman Khan and Sanjay Kapoor doing the macarena

  • rajat chowdhury

    Akshay always use salman khan no matter what. He tried before but he will never overshadow salman khan. Get a life idiot. This song again he tried but salman realized later that,s why he left early. You can clearly see how akshay tried to put salman down in this video. If you invite your friend and who is better than you than you can’t treat them like this. Aksahy is a very selfish person. Now salman knows and It,s good for salman as future example.

  • Tina Khan

    Infact salman has overshadowed akshay completely salman comes for few seconds only and we miss seeing him. akshay is looking like salman’ s father in the song. so old ,,& salman so young..