Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan Episode -13

This week on Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan (Episode – 13) Rakhi meets three married couples who have different stories to narrate. The first couple has a problem with each other’s snores. The husband comes on the show and says that his wife snores so loudly that he has to sleep in the other room. On the other hand, his wife says that her husband is the one who snores a lot and even wakes up the neighbours.

The second couple comes to Rakhi with  a fight that they had abroad over a hamburger bun.

The third  couple  has a bizarre story to tell wherein the wife informs Rakhi that her husband is having a secret affair with a ghost . The husband confirms the same and states that the ghost makes him feel good leaving Rakhi shell-shocked!

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