Gang Of Ghosts quick review: Even Anupam Kher and Sharman Joshi can’t save this movie!

Thu, March 20, 2014 8:05pm IST by
Gang Of Ghosts quick review: Even Anupam Kher and Sharman Joshi can’t save this movie!

Satish Kaushik’s movie is a roller coaster ride and there are definitely more lows than highs!

Not that we had great hopes from this one, but our reviewer has only reaffirmed our biggest  fear with her verdict. The possible nightmare could just turn true. Satish Kaushik’s film Gang Of Ghosts has numbed our pal’s brains with it’s boring content.Directed by Satish Kaushik, this film has a mixed bag of good actors like Sharman Joshi, Mahie Gill, Parambrata Chatterjee, Anupam Kher amongst others. The film is the remake of a famous Bengali flick called Bhooter Bhobishyo, meaning future of a ghost.

Our film critic Kritika Ajmani decided to give BollywoodLife readers a quick look at what to expect from Gang Of Ghosts. “Anupam kher and Sharman Joshi are good actors and there is no doubt about it. Gang of Ghosts- at least till the interval- stretches like a rubber band and one starts to wonder when it will get over. All the actors have done a good job and the sense of humour and digs at the political system are like a fresh breath of air. The movie seems to be going downhill. Fingers crossed,” said Kritika.

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  • Lemony Snickts

    This movie is going to finish Param’s bollywood career even before it can begin properly….The basic problem is that ‘Bhooter Bhabisyat’, the original movie had its root in the typical Bengali culture, atmosphere of the late 50′s and the 70′s. The jokes that worked with us, the bengali audience, can never be converted to a bollywood frame….some movies are better in their original versions, and they should not be disturbed with. Hope they do not sell the director’s second movie ‘Ashoryo Prodip’ to bollywood also. Really, that would be a pity.