‘Gangs of Wasseypur 2’ pays an ode to the Electric Lover!

If you though falling in love was cake walk, the song from Anurag Kashyap’s movie shows you how wrong you were!

Being a lover is not easy. And being a lover who is thinner than the electric wire is the worst state you could be in, suggests this song from Gangs Of Wasseypur II. Why, even this lover, who seems to be inspired by the size-zero ambassadors of our B-town, has to journey the difficult road of love.

But that doesn’t stop him from revealing what keeps him from arriving in time on dates. The crib-account here includes a wide range of hurdles that include broken roads, donkey rides and even spider webs. So all you lovers out there, read it and empathise! After all, who knows, you might stumble across the perfect excuse for arriving late today!

Electric piya, electric piya

Taar bijli se patle hamare piya

Arey taar taar taar..

Electric lover, electric lover

Thinner than the electric wire my lover

O wire, wire, wire


Ghar aate hain deri se

Tutli hai road

Arey road road road

Arey road road road

Baba sahib kathin kitna rasta diya

jan nayak re halat kya khasta kiya

Riding donkeys, my horse rider piya

Getting tangled in web of spider piya

Home you come late

Broken is the road

O road road road

Sir how difficult road you have given

O leader my plight you have worsened

Riding donkeys, my horse rider lover

Getting tangled in web of spider lover


Shirin Farhad’s that got out fell!