GANGS OF WASSEYPUR’s ‘Womaniya’: Bite him!

Did Anurag Kashyap’s film make the right impression at the Cannes Film Festival?

We were listening to this song just the other day and couldn’t help but wonder – did the jury at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 really understand what was being sung? Or did they think we actually believe a lady is a ‘womaniya’ and not a ‘woman’? With all the biting going on in the song, we won’t be surprised if the jury got an unintentionally hilarious impression. Yes, we know the film was screened with subtitles, but it is really tough to understand womaniya in Hindi, leave alone to translate it in a western language. We know, ’cause we tried it and had to give up midway. Here’s what we could do:

O womaniya,

A aa womaniya..

Maange jo babuna prem nisaniya

bole jo thodi katiho kaniya..

badle rupahiya ke de na chawaniya

saiyyan ji jhapte to hona hiraniya


O woman,

A aa woman…

Ask what the guy love token

Says what little bite his ear

In exchange for a rupee do not give twenty five paise

Mr lover makes a grab then become doe



reh reh ke maange choli bataniya

jee mein lutaye, lot-lataniya

chaahe muhjhaunsa jab haath sikaniya

kandha mein dena, daant bhukaniya


stays stays and asks blouse button

in life spends love loving

wants bad guy when hands to warm

shoulder in give, teeth dig


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