Gauahar Khan REFUSES to speak about bestie and Bigg Boss 10 contestant Bani J

One of our favourite contestants in Bigg Boss 10 Bani J will be celebrating her birthday in the house today. We’re not sure if the fitness model will celebrate her birthday in the house happily, since she has been quite upset with the other contestants. We’re hoping that Gaurav Chopra, her only friend in the house who understands her, does something sweet for her. Speaking of friends, former contestant Gauahar Khan is Bani’s best friend. The actress has often refrained from commenting about Bani but actively tweets her opinions about Bani and other contestants in the current season. Wondering if she will do something for her bestie inside the house?

Well, a source exclusively told BollywoodLife that Gauahar Khan has sent a lot of love and gifts to Bani for her birthday. As the clock struck 12 last night, the housemates gathered in the garden area and sang the birthday song for her. Now, no birthday is complete without a cake, right? So yes cake cutting happened too. And it was not an ordinary chocolate cake. It was a protein based cake that was baked by Gauahar. After all, don’t we know how Bani is extremely careful about her diet? Apart from the cake, Bani also got some healthy gifts from her loved ones. One of them was a butter spray. We called Gauahar to ask if she has any special message for Bani, since its her borthday today. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Gauahar Khan makes Bani J’s birthday extra special and we have EXCLUSIVE details)

The actress refused to comment on it. While we understand that the actress has her own reasons for not speaking to the media about Bigg Boss 10 or Bani, we wish she would speak up or stand up for her bestie in the house. Considering how actively she puts her opinions on Bani and Bigg Boss 10 on social media, it is no secret that she is rooting for Bani and wants her to win. Well, whatever the reason is, we hope Bani has a great birthday inside the house. Check out these tweets of Gauahar Khan supporting Bani J.

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