Gauri Khan jealous of Priyanka? Oh, come on!

Gauri Khan jealous of Priyanka? Oh, come on!

It’s just one more product of a gossip monger’s overactive imagination and this one we find absurdly hilarious

Here I am, dreaming about my favourite star, and what do I hear? Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri have had a tiff over his growing closeness to Priyanka Chopra. Do you really expect me to believe that? So you have a girl who is almost half his age with a severe case of hero-worship, maybe a crush, who giggles and blushes when you just mention Shahrukh’s name. So what? Didn’t you girls out there swoon over his six-pack abs in Om Shanti Om? And when he said, “Main tumhe marte dum tak pyaar karoonga or uske baad bhi” (I will love you till I die and even after that)? That doesn’t mean anything! So why should our dear Piggy C be any different? Bollywood is known for generating link ups, but in the 20 years Shahrukh’s spent here, there hasn’t been a single whiff of any such liaison. And, whether she admits it or not, Priyanka’s heart beats for someone else entirely. You know who I mean, right? So just brush off these rumours and move on to something more real. There’s no trouble in the Khan paradise. Not at this time, sorry!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • val

    just say… thank you , I think the same thing

  • masa

    hear, hear!

    go on all ye over imaginative, bored people at home continue to obsess about King Khan’s paradise. he’ll continue living a content & complete life. U go ahead and burn in ur paranoid hell

  • Maalika Jameel

    Cheers—–for the write up. SRK will never trade his family for anyone or anything.

  • msmadhatress

    Srk dat acts as if he can’t do anything without Gauri?!!!…. Ha feelin insecure wud jst b ridiculous

  • Nick

    Come on guys, their love-affair is so obvisious. Gauri should be very careful.

  • anja

    Für SRK ist seine Familie sehr wichtig. Ich glaube nicht
    an diese Gerüchte. Er ist treu, davon bin ich überzeugt.

  • indierocklover

    SKR wife looks too plastic

  • lovesrk

    @InsiderBollywood:do u guys know that gauri and hrithik had hardcore sex in her home ‘mannat’.She has done this so many times with him,how cheap this is.poor srk that’s why he’s also doing the same,but i have to say gauri is smart.