Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget’s Saraswatichandra gets average TRPs

Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget’s Saraswatichandra gets average TRPs

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s TV show on Star Plus still has a long way to go before it can be considered a hit

Saraswatichandra became the talk of the town from the moment that the meticulous filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali announced his big plans to make a television show that combined sensibilities of Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The two-week old show has garnered attention for its unique launch, interesting star cast and larger than life sets, but does it really pull in the audiences? Not so much, apparently! In the cut-throat game of TRPs, Saraswatichandra has managed to get a rating of 2.1. The serial has not managed to overthrow its competition, in spite of all that publicity and buzz around it. Unfortunately, the show –which we can now confidently say is indeed a takeoff from SLB’s Hum Dil… and Devdas, has nothing new to offer. While the chemistry between Jennifer Winget (Kumud) and Gautam Rode (Saraswatichandra) is sizzling, it’s still not converting into big numbers.

Daily soaps like Diya Aur Baati Hum (5.9 rating), Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (4.4) and Balika Vadhu (4.2) are still ruling the television roost by a huge margin. However, Saraswatichandra has managed to beat Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar’s serial Bade Acche Lagte Hain (1.9), which is a big step, especially considering how popular the portly Mr Kapoor and his biwi are!

Giving the makers the benefit of the doubt because it’s still a new show, we think the numbers could go up as soon as the romantic track between Saraswatichandra and Kumud starts moving along – right now it is all projected, slated for another day, coming soon. We hope the creative heads put their thinking caps on very soon to inject more spice into the soap. Or else Bhansali’s dream to run the show for seven or more years is going to remain just a dream, no?

In spite of the low rating of the show so far, the numbers somehow are still in favour of Star Plus (265) – the channel has received the highest ratings compared to other channels, thanks to weekend shows like Nach Baliye (2.2 – 3.6) , Arjun (1.4) and other Saturday-Sunday soaps. Zee TV (226) managed to bag second place followed by Colors (220), and Sony (170). Let’s see how the game changes next week!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • abir

    Its the first week only.opening is far i know no fiction shows open more than 2 2.5. madhubala opened with 2 nd see where it is now.saraswatichandra is a great has all the potential to become number 1 show.give the audience and the show time

    • pranjal

      timing is really odd,it should be telicasted earlist by 8,7:30 is too early to watch tv,and accroding to me a change in time will give a lot of interested audience a chance to watch it.

      • radha

        yess this serial is so nice just love this drama………….but if this serial it’s like novel it’s so sad ending plzzzzzzzzz don’t make like novel!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i just love jeniffer aka kumud

  • Sanju

    lol the show is just one week old…every show needs time to create the place in audience`s hearts!! and Saraswatichandra had done really well for its first week, much much much much better than today`s top shows did during their initial weeks.

  • Anil

    It takes time for TV Shows to develop interest from TV audiance
    How can you judge within a week?
    I don’t get it

  • zoya

    Saraswatichandra has started a week ago and its TRP which is 2.1 is not bad. How can they just judge it a success or not just by trp and even that in a week. It’s a super hit for me and the show is gaining popularity day by day and I am enjoying it.Thanks to dear SLB for the lovely show with amazing cast and its background music. Gautam Rode and Jenny as lead are rocking!!!

  • krikarpoo

    hey this is not going . trp alone doesnt matter . its a super se uper show . 2.1 trp in 1 week is awsome . serials like dab , yrkkh are running since long . balh is running since long and has got only 1.9 . this says saras is better .i belive it’ll be the best show in a month or 2 . i love the couple . they are super

  • Manisha Shettigar

    Saraswatichandra is great serial………And the Serial Hero Gautam Rode is damn gooood…….. remebering me Salman khan of Maine Pyar Kiya…..Fresh Look …… Keep it up .

  • vishali

    hy love this serial n d characters in saraswatichandra.please sanjay leela bansali sir…this time in this dnt make the 2 love birds [kumud and saras] separate.please dont make them separate orels the serial l b flop.hope u make the serial blast.

  • rahul

    Actually I really don’t watch the tv serial but saraswatichandra is the first show I watch .it is a wonderful show.i like all the characters but mostly I like JENNIFER WINGET(KUMUD)she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo…………….. ………………beautiful.

  • suzeena

    swaraswatichandra is a very nice serial

  • mahinfatima

    i love this serial v v v much , saras iz so handsome i love him v v much

  • Nina

    Lol. 2.1 for debut is pretty commendable. ESP considering the first week had no kumud and saras scenes together. And it’s also getting a lot of online (India forums) and international fandom. Which the top trp shows have not really managed to do so so far.

  • Mamta rani

    This serial is very nice. and Kumud is my favourite actor

  • sam

    gautam rode is a nice actor.. sanjay leela bhansali gave him some sprinkle of both shahrukh and salman’s acting.. and he himself too is a stupendus actor ..the characters are well displayed..the music..background score..superb!

  • madhu

    I think the show’s been superb so far. Let’s give the show at least a month or so to settle in. Its too early and unfair to compare it to already established shows. Gautam Rode is clearly fantastic. Doesn’t feel like he’s acting at all since his portrayal is so natural. Jenifer is at her amazing best. All the best to the show and its cast… :-)

  • Pooja

    the show is really going gud…!! its not like other saas-bahu serial… DABH, YRKKH, SNS all these show has lots of dramaz and saraswatichandra is really very unique and love Gautam and Jennifer their acting is so natural and the show is going to beat all the other shows in a very short notice…!!! saraswatichandra is really going to rock …. all the best for the show and its wonderfull cast

  • sanya

    sad news guys……acc. to saraswatichand full story it is having very sad ending :( ……they both never be together…..saras will marry kumud’s sis….nd kumud will marry someone else….this is wht its ending is.,,,,,,,i dnt knw why sanjay sir always makes film or serial which have sad ending ex. devdas,hum dil de chuke sanam ….in all of these movies the actual luv birds never be together forever :( …..nd nw he has made saraswati chand…….it would be great if he makes changes in the story but i dnt thnk he will do that………:(

  • Gee

    In a contemporary setting I think sticking to a plot written more then hundred years ago will not gel with audiences sad endings are not popular proven many times over if wanted it to be authentic should have stuck to the time period it was set in.

  • USHA

    Hopefully,the serial won’t follow the story line of the book.Love it so far. I do not know how shows like Yeh rista kya kehlata hai are receiving such high ratings.

    • radha

      yess this serial is so nice just love this drama………….but if this serial it’s like novel it’s so sad ending plzzzzzzzzz don’t make like novel!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i just love jeniffer aka kumud

  • Arindam

    Its damn gd bt da ending is jst 2 sad it would b a super hit if d ending is diff. From the novel n the movie jst make it an happy ending

  • Hari Shankar

    Sanjay sir, i never watch a serial before . It is my first serial . Sir, i reqest you not to separate saras and kumud . Sir i like the characters of Saras and Kumud very much. Sir, as my knowledge says most pepole like “HAPPY ENDING” . Sir please do not follow the story lines especialy the ending lines . Please manage so that saras and kumud be together at last. Pl….zzzzz.

  • faiza

    WHAT !!!!!!!!!
    this show is soo good how come the ratings are 2.1 but im sure that as the show goes on it will much more higher

  • Freda

    Its because the novel has a sad ending, who wants to invest their time on a drama where the leads wont be together?

  • Darren

    Maybe it’s just my inner pessimist attempting to claw its way to the surface, but sad endings can actually be amazing. I understand that most of us watch these serials to escape reality and live in our fantasy worlds. However, a dosage of reality is always appreciated, especially when all the serials have the same ending. Granted, those like Maryada needed a happy ending–the sadness factor was so great it felt like I was watching actual reality unfold–but in the case of Saraswatichandra, it might not be so bad. I’m not saying that’s how I want it to end, but if it does, then so be it. As for the TRPs, this is a serial I actually think is quite refreshing; how many times have we seen the stereotypical daughter (full of every virtue possible) marry a man who loves her more than oxygen. Yes, perhaps his mother isn’t exactly nice and yes, perhaps he’s Kumud’s dream guy, but with all the conflict, it isn’t so stereotypical.

  • aryama

    plzzzzz dnt give a sad ending plzz!!!!!!

  • chand

    What to say about seraswatichandra serial it is super se bhe upperrrrrrrrrrr show. and the best part is the maine lead hero and heroin both are fantastic saras and kumud. Tha most i likr the kumud because her expression are mind blowing and the dress she whereas is superb because i am guju that’s why i like that dress. i don’t believe in trp ratings any body can watch or not i am gone watch the serial. as per my reting 10 on 11.

    don’t forget to watch it guys.
    with best love chand

  • payal

    gautam is excellent by acting, behavior and appropriate acting according to his role. sets are gr8. kumud n her cloths are descent. monika bedi is amazing. my best wishes to sanjay leela bhansali. hope to see more good serials and movies from him. gautam is relly gr8

  • Shivani

    Oh my god!!!!Gautam and Kumud are so charming together and their chemistry is outstanding.If I am not wrong,this is just the 5th or 6th wk but the serial is quite different from others saas bahu and saazish serial.It has a different kind of taste.Just hope that the ratings of the fabulous serial increases and becomes the no.1 serial on Star Plus!!And ya Gautam you are so handsome.

  • Shivani

    I just hope Mr Avind Babbal does not make the story have a sad ending like the novel.I dislike those stories with a sad ending!Gautam & Jennifer,the both of you look so beautiful together.Just hope the serial has a happy ending.

  • Neema

    Enjoying this serial. Saras and Kumud both are outstanding!

  • Natasha

    Gautam & Jennifer!!The both of you are so beautiful together.In my opinion,this serial should be the no.1 serial on Star Plus and all the other channels.It is so different and the scripts are so well written.Hat’s off to Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Production Team And of course my fev Gautam N Jennifer!!!

  • Keerthi


  • Keerthi


  • Keerthi


  • ria

    Gautam you are so handsome….
    and Jennifer you are so pretty!!!
    I dont want it to end like the novel it wikll be sooo baaad

  • Owais bhat

    I love you all

  • Purvi

    They need to show Jennifer (kumud) more prettier than Kusum. She looks horrible with hair tied up and acts arrogant. She is the only misfit in entire cast of Saraswatichandra. Gautam Rhode rocks as Saras…

  • Bhabani

    saraswatichandra serial are my heart touching.Sanjay ji you are so great to make a serial form a novel.Gautam&jeniffer play so beatifully in there role in saraswatichandra.all character are playing there role special request plz the serial are not ending sadly.i love to watch saras&kumud marrage.

  • jyotsna

    just love the serial… love jenny & gautam……watching every episode.emotionally attached to it.plz do speed up the story.

  • Rosema

    I love Saraswatichanda serial from my bottom of my heart.This is the true love story of two person.

  • ahana chattopadhyay

    it is a very good serial but i wish bhansali will make the ending happyand plese don’t run it more than 3 years or else it will get boring. i love gautam and jennifer’s jory very much

  • pinku

    It is a nice serial .Saras and Kumud must marry otherwise on one will see this serial.

  • sankrish

    gowtham rod is superbbbbbbbb..
    i hope the serial ending is happy saras and kumud gets married.
    if not its a waste it wont remain in our minds forever..
    pls SLB make it happy ending not like the novel
    jeniffer too rocks..

    • cherlyn

      hii im cherlyn ilike gautam and jennifer i request 2 sanjay leela bansali sir that keep doing lik3 this & all of u that your show is world famous show

  • Hester Flander

    Reading this write-up – the present of the time

  • Rahul lakra

    Plz saraswati chandra serial ka happy ending karna quki punjab, jalandhar ka dil ab is serial se judd chuka hai, agar happy ending na hui to sabka dil tut jayega aur agar aisa hi hoga to kya faieda ab dekhkar kush hone ka , to plz is serial ka happy ending hona chahiye

  • cherlyn

    hii im cherlyn bhatti & im big fan of jennifer and gautam please tell to them that talk 2 me please

  • cherlyn

    hiii jennifer im big fan of yours and your serial saraswati chandra ilpray 4 u every day best of luck

  • mansi

    I love this show It is the best show

  • Rasika

    I love saraswatichandra serial vry vry vry muchhh….. Saras and kumud are really vry vry vry romantic… i love u both yar

  • azaanahad

    this serial is a great serial. plz i requst to bansli sir plz sir don’t seprate kumud & saras in this serial……

    • Avijit

      this serial was great, and today’s episode is very sadness, so don’t mis it…

  • hoor

    sir its not na saras or kumud ko seprate kun kia sir kun…… plz tel me.ya drama ni mzak hai hm sub k emotions k saath….. jo huwa is ki umeed ni thi…. saras k wo sub promis or kasmein khan gai jo us na kumud k leia khai thain……. at the end i want to say just its a not fari its a joke with our hopes & emotions…………

  • siddharth sekhar sahoo

    i loved them very much

  • vaishali kothari

    plz atleast now you marry both the lovers kumud and saras because we cant bear any more pramads torture on kumud and onemore request plz don t show the dirty ending of the novel that saras getting married to kusum because in this generation no one will agree with the old novel story.

  • pratik

    Kusum tum saras se shaadi mat karna,wo tumse 10 saal bada he. kya saras bhai sabko pata loge.

  • Shisitha k


  • Sadiq Ahmed

    The series is turning from melodramatic to ridiculous. It is now making a mockery of woman’s intelligence and judgement. An intelligent and independent minded woman is abused, beaten up and twice nearly murderered by the lousiest man on earth. She is loved by the most gorgeous man on earth who is waiting to marry her as soon as she gets her divorce. The girl loves this man and do does her family. The judge is ready to grant the divorce. Yet the girl decides to take back that murderous man as her husband and take care of him because he pleads for mercy on account of serious illness! Only the most devious person can cook up this absurd scenario that makes a complete mockery of all norms of human behavior.