Gautam Rode: This is the first time Saraswatichandra has received such high TRPs

The show has changed hands from Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Sujoy Wadhwa and looks like risk has paid off

There was tremendous hype and curiosity around Saraswatichandra, which went on air in February 2013. However, all the buzz around the show did not transfer into numbers. The show has never gone beyond three on the TRP charts in the last ten months. But things have changed this week. “This is the first time in ten months, we have touched three in TRPs. Maximum we have gone up to 2.9, nothing beyond that. Everyone works for TRPs, any actor who tells you otherwise is lying,” said an excited Gautam Rode aka Saras.

So was Saraswatichandra not being appreciated for this long? “See, we were very happy with our work. Our fans on twitter and facebook make it very evident that they love us and our work. In fact, I recently went to UK, and I couldn’t believe the craze people had about the show. People on the road were screaming out my name or my character’s name. They were pulling my shirt and jeans. I almost felt like I was Shahrukh Khan. This makes me sure that my show is working wonderfully, but somehow when it comes to numbers we have been very low,” replied Gautam.

The show which is based on the Gujarati novel written by Govardhanram Tripathi has now been altered and twisted to suit the psyche of the audience and their preferences. Gautam said, “The daily soap is created in such a way that will hook the audience. After all we make shows for them; hence it depends on their taste.”

Thanks to the good ratings, wethinks the show Saraswatichandra will stick around as long as it can. And will not be pulled off that soon, right!