Posted Fri, March 8, 2013 3:43pm IST

It’s time to gravitate towards refreshing hues in this hot weather. Hence, we take serious some style inspiration from the super cool babes of B-town

Since being covered from head to toe can be a tad too much during summers, we suggest you give the whole summer style a quirky twist. And exposing – just a bit – and that too in a fashionable way, can give your look the much needed edge. So we like what Anushka Sharma has done to herself, style-wise. She has opted for a simple white shirt, and the slight gold work in the bodice makes this an apt outfit for a do wherein you don’t want to bother yourself with too much dressing up.

Table No. 21 babe Tena Desae gives us another cool summer style idea by choosing to wear a strapless jumpsuit. The strapless bit is an ideal feature in an outfit, especially when the climate is annoying the hell out of you.

And 3G babe Sonal Chauhan looks like quite a fashionista in those denim shorts and a bright shaded blazer. Wearing something leg-hugging during this season can almost mess your head up completely. So keeping it all nice and stylish in shorts seems like an awesomely breathtaking style idea for summers.

Here are a couple of summer style options you must try…