Ghanchakkar song Lazy lad: Fashionista Vidya Balan takes Emraan Hashmi’s case!

This Hindi-Punjabi number is quite funny as it takes us through the couple’s daily routine

Composed by Amit Trivedi, Lazy lad from Ghanchakkar is a quirky song where Vidya Balan takes her husband Emraan Hashmi’s case, calling him lazy and good for nothing. The song is set in the couple’s gaudy house – with the walls painted in bright pinks and florescent greens – and the camera following each of them as they go about their daily chores.

Ms Balan’s character in this Raj Kumar Gupta movie believes she’s a fashionista, but in reality she is just a big horror! And the track brings this side of VB to the fore. We love how towards the end of it, Vidya dreams of walking the ramp in horrible clothes, blowing kisses and posing for the cameras. She fits the quirky Punjabi kudi role perfectly.

Watch the song and tell us if it made you smile.