Ghanta Awards 2013 winners’ list: Salman Khan voted Worst Actor!

Ghanta Awards 2013 winners’ list: Salman Khan voted Worst Actor!

At the Indian Razzies, the superstar was chosen for bad acting in Dabangg 2 and Ek Tha Tiger, two of his biggest hits

Salman Khan might be the favourite of the masses and hence a blockbuster star, but his acting skills have often come under scrutiny. And while his fans agree that he is pure entertainment, the folks at the Ghanta Awards 2013 aka Filmfail Awards are not so kind in getting the message across. They awarded Salman with the Worst Actor trophy for Dabangg 2 and Ek Tha Tiger, two of his biggest hits of the year.

Sonakshi Sinha, who debuted with Salman in Dabangg, was given the Worst Actress award for Dabangg 2, Joker and Rowdy Rathore.

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif’s romantic film Jab Tak Hai Jaan was ‘honoured’ with the WTF Was That? award (most ridiculous scene) for A love quadrangle with Jesus. Raaz 3 won the same award for the scene where a ghost uses a phone to call up Bipasha Basu’s character!

The Worst Film title went to the Ajay Devgn-Sonakshi Sinha film Son Of Sardaar.

Here are some of the Ghanta Awards 2013 winners:

Worst Actor 2013 – Salman Khan (Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger)

Worst Actress – Sonakshi Sinha (Dabangg 2, Joker, Rowdy Rathore)

Worst Film – Son of Sardaar

Worst Director – Ram Gopal Varma (Bhoot Returns, Department)

Worst Song – Po Po (Son of Sardaar)

Worst Sequel – Housefull 2

Worst Supporting Actor – Mithun Chakraborty

Worst Supporting Actress – Sonam Kapoor (Players)

Worst Couple – Rajneesh Duggal, Karishma Kapoor (Dangerous Ishhq)

Worst Remake / Rip-off – Agent Vinod

Worst Breakthrough of the Year – Sunny Leone (Jism 2)

Nice Try! – Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath (for playing a tough guy)

Nice Try! - Sunny Leone – Jism 2 (for keeping her clothes on)

Nice Try! - Tusshar Kapoor – Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum (for taking his clothes off)

Nice Try! - Shirish Kunder – Joker (for attempting a sci-fi flick)

WTF Was That? (most ridiculous scene) - Jab Tak Hai Jaan forA love quadrangle with Jesus’ and Raaz 3 for ‘ghost uses phone’.

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  • loverboy

    So his delusional fans can’t bash other actors acting skill because the worst actor award goes to their favorite actor.. lol. To Salmon. The moral of the story is look at yourself before critic other actors. xD Go polish your acting skill.

    • Azhar

      What aver critics says to Salman Bhai, we are not bother we know what bhai is. He leaves always in our heart.
      Love U Salman Khan.

      • loverboy

        Good! :)

  • Pooja

    Look at the title of of award..ghanta..who cares salman is elected as worst actor…these few so called critics can’t decide who’s good or bad…salman lives on our heart..he doesn’t need any title or award..

    • Rashmi

      very true, those stupid critics dont even know the place of salman khan in the heart of public

    • aamirrocks

      Sallu the worst actor ever..Aamir the best…

      • john

        woh kya tere baap pe gaya hay kya?

      • kickraj

        well said bro

    • Sohail

      Kya ..oh tera baap lagta hai kya

    • punjabi – daughter of sardar

      SOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love salman more than anyone!

  • Aditya

    Hrithik’s performance in Agneepath was bad ?

  • john

    jisne bhi bhai ko worst actor award dabangg 2 aur ek tha tiger ko diya na… Sale thu kudh ko samajh tha kya hay? Kya uthne log jo film dekhe hay woh sab ullu hay? Thu hotha kaun hay bhe.. Sun saale humthume ithe ched karenge.. Confuse ho jaoge……

  • khan66

    this is really true….he entertains but his actor skills are limited

    • suraya

      Yes agreed. I watch ek tha tiger the acting skill very poor. Se with katrina. They cannot bit Aish.

  • aron


    • yo

      ghanta salman

  • alihyder

    salman has really worst actor vivek obrei has better than salam khan.

  • Salman

    Salman is the worst actor in bollywood.Shame on salman Khan.Even Imran Hashmi or new actor like Ayushnman or Arjun Kapoor or Ranveer Singh are better actor than topori khan.Retire sallu plz.WORST WORST actor.

    • noor

      this is true

  • asim

    salman khan is the bast actor bollywood king

  • Khalidumar

    Sallu is the best actor in the world no one compare him understood

    • loverboy

      keep dreaming. He is the worst actor in the world fyi..

  • Mine

    Hehe Was there any doubt Lallu Monkey won it with out any Competition Hands down easy job for Him, Well Done Keep it Up Next year u can collect the Award inside Jail, After that i dont think u will be lucky because u will be in Jail for a long long time, Thank God we may dont have to see this B****** ever again, Ooopsss By the way dont worry Lallu Monkey still lives in his B*** S*** Fans Hearts Hehe

  • ram

    were is katrine kaif , if she not there this is fake , iam sorry

  • Ash

    Yaya.salman is the worst actor in the world.but the worst actress should be Katrina.because she is the worst actress ever ever &forever.well done ghanta awards

  • punjabi – daughter of sardar

    Son of Sardar was NOT the worst film( too bad they couldn’t portray the actual sardars) but still, i swear, all of know that we’ve seen worst films and went like: WTF!!!! and son of sardar crossed the 100 crore mark, so who the F are you decide what’s the best and what’s the worst…
    talking about WORST — SALMAN KHAN IS THE BEST!!!!!
    His film are the top earning films of the year, earning the most!!!! a lot higher than SHAHRUKH AND STUFF…

  • Kg

    Oh oh… I love the fact that there some inteligent and senceable critics exist in India. Every pick was right on target ,excet Sanokshi. Atleast she is not fake like the bleached and fake Katrina . Hands down the worst actress and dancer in India!

  • vidiah

    ghanta awards is made by srk no matter what people say about salman for me and my family salman is the best and will remain the number one. we love you salman just you and wait for your upcomming films

  • Parvej ansari

    Salman khan the king of bollywood and box office

  • Aayat

    Salan like as vojpuri hero,his film like as vojpuri film[dabang,dabang2,] his dialoge like as vojpuri dialoge[meri aap se salah hai ki aap apne bache ko salan ka film nahi dekhaega nahi to aap bacha tapori hero hojayga eg.bad word use dialoge, tapori style ] i’m from nepal, in nepal in only srk rock

  • janbaz afghanistan

    kya ballywood me salman se koey acha hi af faisla keegye

  • prince rehman salmani

    salman bhai ne jo kardiya wo aaj dat insan ki aulad toh kar nahi sakti jis ko kehna hai wo keh sakta magar yeh hakikat hai jisko koi atu jahtu jhutla nahi sakta salman bbai bollywood ke bap hai baki sub pap hai sharukh ho ya big b sub ok hai lakin bap toh bhai yeh unhoney sabit kar diya hai es umar main.salam hai salmankhan sahab ko jiyo san se bhai.agar kisi ko yeh hakikat buri lagi hoto sorry.