Giaa Manek, Mohnish Behl, Sushant Singh Rajput: Do replacements really work in TV shows?

Posted Tue, June 19, 2012 12:48pm IST

We wonder if bringing in a new actor to play a well-loved character is a good idea

Every actor on Hindi television knows that you can be the most popular one in the country, but that doesn’t mean you have job security. Your show can end abruptly (Apurva Agnihotri’s Aasman Se Aage), your channel can go off air (Changragupta Maurya on Imagine TV) or you may simply be replaced (that list is endless). Giaa Manek being thrown out of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya after two long years is just the most recent incident where channel wars have forced an actor to quit the show that made them famous. There have been instances when the actors have taken the decision to be replaced. We take a look at some of the replacement decisions and the impact they’ve had, both on screen and off screen:

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  • ganesh samariya

    we want back jiaa as gopi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • priyanka

    even after a year we will not accept the new gal…….we can accept her through new show but not in saathiya show….we are so involved in the show for 2.5 years as giaa manek as our gopi bahu…….giaa told in the interview that she could manage both the shows……but still she was thrown out of the show… there no consideration for the feelings of fans… plus and productions knows that the show has so many fans and that too gohem {gina} fans…..still they made this decision means they dont consider fans………then why the hell will we support the new face and their show..
    “WE 700 FANS ARE NOT WATCHING SAATHIYA UNTIL GIA RETURNS TO THE SHOW”…..this is our heart burn feedback…..and this will continue until v see giaa back in the show…..

  • sneha

    we cant accept the new girl…..we want giaa manek back to the show….we are not watching saathiya until gia returns to the show…..

  • Prachi

    How do can you say it is too early it is been two weeks in the two weeks of time never felt that she is gopi she acts like a guest and chemistry is zero we wait and watch sns for cute eye locks no more eye locks and the soul is missed… She can never be gopi only guest at mm

  • sonia

    how can one feel if his or her family member get replaced…nd they asked to accept them…..we cried with giaa,,,smile with gia,,,,she is like family member for us…we cat accept this new girl

  • sania

    we want our giaa manek back to sns thats it

    • mmmm


  • Navoshi

    SP created a character which we all cherished and fell in love with and SP kept giving hope for a better beginning and now after making us love Jiya for 3 years, U just pluck her out and now trying to shove this new woman down our thoughts? How could they do this to their viewers? Who have been nothing but loyal to them… In short, NO, NO, NO. New replacement will never ever work. People all over the world our starting to hate SP for what they have done… And most of us are not watching SP any more or keeping the connection… They Just played with our emotions. We want our Jiya/Gopi back. Until she comes back we are done with SP.!

  • SV

    The show has lost its appeal. No Gia Magic…..

  • Sonia



  • SAM

    I will now start to watch the show!!

    because the ONLY thing that kept me watching the show is.. GIA MENEK! SO THANK YOU CREATORS THAT YOU KICKED HER OUT..SHE LOOKS OLDDDD!

  • Mandy


    I hated that girl gopi.. sooooo old and unsuitable for that role!

    Thanks for kicking her out! Now I can see the show regularly,.

  • beena

    replacement of mohnish behl wid sharad kelkar was a welcome change in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, but gia manek was quite suitable for her role. lets wait n watch

  • Surileey

    Devoleena is far better actor than Gia. But then who wants acting.
    JIA has her own charms. She looks so cue & innocent which kept me hooked until she was replaced.I did give a try to watch Devoleena but alas,She isn’t able to keep me hooked. Over 2 cute li’ll ROADIE – POOJA BANERJEE of Ek Doosre sey KarrrrTTTey hain Pyaar hum. I love her. She’ll rule the roast now on.

  • Vafia

    Replacement of an actor is the most absurd thing happening on TV now days. Accepting a new face is unrealistic as we are bound to see the person with the show started with.. It is better to end the show on an happy note rather than replacing. If it would have been leap it would have been understandable.

  • Yrprr

    Except for those few twisted minded people, everyone else in whole world want Giaa/Gopi back… When everyone else in the same show can do other projects why can’t Giaa do? This is clearly injustice.! Kahaani me or Hakeekath me bhi Giaa/Gopi ke saath sirf nainsafi hi huwa hei or ho rahi hei..!! :( We want our Giaa back!

  • roseylinda

    Dev’s acting is boring. Why the PH replaced Gia. New face doesn’t suits to Gopi character. Star plus and production house are only money minded and egoist people. Gia’s replacement is only an injustice to viewers and their attachment to Gia as Gopi.

  • sangeeta

    hey gia you were synonymous to gopi we cannot accept the new gopi why have you gone away?
    please come back and take your rightful place in SNS i would love to see the romantic scenes between you and ahem i can only picture you in that place please please please PH have a heart and bring back gopi.

    save the serial.

  • Mimoza

    Bring giaa manek back!!! Saathiya its not complite without her!! Thing about us viewers and listen to us. Bring her back!

  • Kaitlyn

    Amazing! I hadn’t realized she cewlard a whole year ago!!! She looks amazing, what a big year for her, and she seems happier all the time Love her so much. GO G!!!!!