Posted Fri, August 10, 2012 10:00am IST

Voting begins for the third edition of the Indian music awards. Udit Narayan, Anup Jalota, Ila Arun and Leslie Lewis take up the film versus non-film music debate in candid chat with Bollywoodlife

The Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) Awards 2012 nominations are out and the function will be held mid-September. The voting began on August 8 at a Mumbai hotel, with the first vote being cast by veteran santoor player and music composer Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. Stalwarts from the music industry were present and spoke about Indian non-film music and how it needs to be highlighted more through television and other media. Most were of the opinion that only Bollywood playback songs and singers get mileage and fame, but some begged to differ. Famous playback singer Udit Narayan said, “Sangeet ki koi seema nahin hoti (Music has no boundaries). The past was a golden age and the present matches today’s times. But the fact is, ‘melody’ is immortal. And good work will always be appreciated.”

Bhajan king Anup Jalota said that non-film music is not being promoted in a huge away by TV channels. “Ghazals are not being played by TV channels. There are specific channels for bhajans but no slot for folk. Wizcraft’s GiMA is successfully trying to promote non-film music through their awards and give it the respect it deserves,” he said. But why are non-film music albums not being launched in big numbers like before? Jalota replied, “Albums are being launched today, only that their physical sale has decreased. But you can see and hear these albums on the Internet. Digital sales are big for full songs and ringtones. So the revenue is definitely coming in, but from a different medium and source.”

And while several veteran artistes had questioned the popularity of the viral hit song Kolaveri di, Jalota has a different opinion. He said, “Kolaveri di’s a very good song. Its popularity goes to prove the importance of melody,” he said. But it was criticised by most veterans…. Quipped Anup, “I don’t criticise it, I sing it! (Humming it) It feels good. It’s a wonderful melody. Just forget the lyrics and enjoy singing it!”

Singer-actor Ila Arun said that as far as awards go, “Bollywood has always had folk as well as Western influences. But as a category, folk and fusion should not be mixed. This is happening a lot nowadays where musicians from remote areas feel the need to package their folk with fusion. But the folk category should include only pure folk songs and leave out the ones with even a hint of fusion. But folk, fusion and bhajans – all three are very close to my heart.”

Lyricist and adman Prasoon Joshi was of the opinion that music that sounds good to the ear is great music, and hence there was no need to categorise and compartmentalise it in various genres.

Singer-composer Leslie Lewis said, “There has been no non-film music on television for the last four-five years. Film music is great, but there’s lots of distinct stuff from non-film which never gets heard. The reason is not for me to know….”

Shashi Vyas, Director, Pancham Nishad, had a different opinion on categorisation of music. He said, “When music lovers go for a particular concert, they expect a certain kind of music. For instance, nobody will go to Blue Frog (a live music venue for indie, electronic and fusion) to listen to ghazals.”

Anup Jalota, Roopkumar Rathod and Papon took to the stage to pay a special tribute to music legends Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hassan and Bhupen Hazarika who passed away in the last one year. Also present was director Kunal Kohli. See pictures below!

On August 8, a bash was held for the nominees of GiMA Awards 2012. Click here for pictures:

GiMA Awards 2012 Nominee Bash: Ayushmann Khurrana, Isha Koppikar, Udit Narayan, Shibani Kashyap, Kailash Kher attend