Gippi new song Pehn di takki: Riya Vij goes absolutely wild!

Watch Gippi – the face of Karan Johar’s forthcoming production – going absolutely berserk in this fun party number

Gippi is desperate! The chubby school-goer from Dharma Productions’ latest venture – directed by Sonam Nair – wants to be a sexy swan and even wants a boyfriend or two by her side. In the latest song Pehn di takki she coaxes a school dude into attending a common friend’s party. “ I don’t like my friend but her parties are cool,” confesses Gippi to the boy she seems to have a huge crush on.

Everything goes according to the plan. But the moment the party begins the wild streak in our innocent Gippi gets unleashed. Don’t believe us? Watch this fun song to see Riya Vij aka Gippi dancing like a drunkard. Composed by Vishal-Shekhar and sung by Vishal himself, the Punjabi lyrics add that unique fun flavour to it. Take a look at this foot tapping track and tell if you are shocked to see Gippi letting her hair down without giving a damn to the world. The movie will hit the screens across India on May 2013.

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