Gippi teaser promo: Imran Khan warns you against her, but Parineeti Chopra thinks she can become a heroine!

The cute stars of B-town are the latest to rave about Gippi. And if you are wondering who the girl is, read on…

Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor have already talked enough about Gippi in the teaser promos of the film. And now, even the honey-eyed Imran Khan and the spunky ishaqzaadi, Parineeti Chopra are talking about her. While Imran thinks Gippi is slightly quirky and warns you against her, Pari has a different take. The babe thinks that even if Gippi is not a regular hot party-freak gal, she can become a heroine one day. Pari also relates to Gippi and also maintains that if she can become a heroine even Gippi can make it big in the world of glamour one day. Take a look at these two stars talk about the mystery gal from Karan Johar’s forthcoming production!

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