Gori Tere Naina—Party da mood: Govinda sings well, dances well, but wears a red chaddi

Sun, December 22, 2013 10:30am IST by
Gori Tere Naina-Party Da Mood-Govinda

The Kisi disco mein jaayein actor has released his music album and we present to you, the second track. Read on to know what to expect…and what not to!

Mangal Tara TV and Films has come up with Govinda’s new music album Gori Tere Naina and the second track Party da mood is a full on party number with nothing to offer at all. When you see the video, it feels as if you are watching the Yo Yo Honey Singh track Sunny sunny from Yaariyan.The tune of the song is surprising catchy and Govinda does all the latkas and jhatkas perfectly. But still we are pissed about the video.

Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan – in fact, almost all the leading B-town heroes have romanced heroines half their age. But here’s how they do it – they try to maintain their looks and physique at par with the young lasses. On the contrary when Govinda does the same, you will squirm in your seats with disgust because they look like father and daughter, dancing on a party number, ewwwww…

Govinda and Puja Banerjee (Parvati from Devon Ke Dev Mahadev). You would be left wondering as to what Puja Banerjee is doing – ‘moving’ or ‘dancing’. All of these were still bearable till you see Govinda in red chaddis. It is a disaster to watch the actor in his inner wear trying to do a Baba Ramdev. More than Ramdev, the whole video gives you a vibe of Asaram Bapu (if you know what I mead).

The songs are written and sung by Govinda. We really want to wish Govinda a great musical future, but we would still plead him to either get into shape, or stop dancing with heroines half his age and give us creeps.

P.S.: Govinda please never wear red chaddis and show us your upper torse

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  • Rahul

    you will not improve and continue writing unnecessary bad stuff about such a great actor. He is looking great in both the videos, but still you are writing such cheap things.
    God bless u. Grow up man

  • Mikaberidze Maka

    I do not understand what you write shahrukh khan’s withered in the face of Govinda looks great.

  • Rahul

    Happy Birthday Govinda. U r the Best. Thank you for entertaining us for all these years. God bless u :) :)

  • Ragini

    Prateek, Stop barking on behalf of the sales man of bollywood without any acting skills (SRK)…His time is over now. Govinda, the most talented actor of Bollywood is back in action and will rule the hearts of millions around the world.

    • Mahy Govinda-fan

      yes i right 100%

  • Ragini

    SRK will only be a star for the gay community.

  • Mahy Govinda-fan

    Govinda is always better the best no.1
    In red or yellow or black
    with big Actresses
    Or young
    he is always everyone’s heart rejoices
    No raises disgusting anyone versa always great