Gori Tere Naina title track: Govinda sings well but should never again dance with girls half his age

Thu, December 19, 2013 12:58pm IST by
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The Kisi disco mein jaayein actor has released his music album and we present to you, the title track. Read on to know what to expect…and what not to!

Mangal Tara TV and Films has come up with Govinda’s new music album Gori Tere Naina and the title track Gori tere naina is a soothing number with the roller coaster effect of many high pitches and low ebbs. When you listen to the song, it appears to be a clear amalgamation of two yesteryear hits—Gori tera gaaon bada pyara and Mujhe neend na aaye. Although the song is pretty good, we couldn’t help but get upset (read pissed) about the video.

Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan – in fact, almost all the leading B-town heroes have romanced heroines half their age. But here’s how they do it – they try to maintain their looks and physique at par with the young lasses. On the contrary when Govinda does the same, you will squirm in your seats with disgust because they look like father and daughter, dancing on a romantic number, ewwwww…

It is supposed to be a Navratri song, except that there is no one dancing apart from the lead pair—Govinda and Puja Banerjee (Parvati from Devon Ke Dev Mahadev). The song has the classic Govinda signature latke jhatke but you would be left wondering as to what Puja Banerjee is doing – ‘moving’ or ‘dancing’. Also, the sets look horrible, as if someone rented it out after finishing off their own wedding in the zest to make some extra bucks.

The songs are written and sung by Govinda. We really want to wish Govinda a great musical future, but we would still plead him to either get into shape, or stop dancing with heroines half his age and give us creeps.

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  • gross

    Are you kidding? SRK, Salman, Aamir look good with younger actresses???..Its all your hypocrisy and conspiracy of some of those actors against the best artist (Govinda) in bollywood with whom each of the actors is scared of acting.

    You are fine with Sanjay Dutt- Ajay Degan-Kajal Aggarwal, Akshay-Kajal, SRK-Deepika, Amitah with so many younger actresses..but when it comes to Govinda you can not digest..You must be having some mental disorder.

    Whatever you do, the largest fan base (of Govinda) will expand further and farther and will love the legend more and more. We are extremely happy that Govinda is back in action..and he will rock once again.

    • Ashley

      Yes thank you!!!

  • Aman Rathod

    Yes yes why should Govinda dance greatly with a younger Co – star….when ppl like Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt can molest Kangana Ranaut in Racals!! aren’t dey frustrated Daddies …..huh hypocrites!!!! Aamir may look fit but he still looks odd standing next to Katrina….tht is digestible….Shit shit shit shit Shahrukh looks wrinkled in front of Deepika and Katrina bt tht is kewl,,,,coz all of them pay u bucks right!! Don be a lalchi media,,,learn to appreciate art and your job!! one line Govinda sings here it goes for you “Nagad ram ki jai ho” ppl like u make me think that the fifth pillar of democracy too is bikao!!!

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i think acting is not about age, that is why they call it acting, this your site always make unnecessary, in Hollywood this doesn’t matter to a actor or actress, because when you are a professional age should not matter to you, so you guys stop it,

  • Arslan Baig

    Screw You, Prateek Sur. You have no right to humiliate Govinda like this. I know he isn’t as fit as the other 40+ and 50+ actors, but come on! What about Amitabh Bachchan in Buddha Hoga Tera Baap? I know all other 45+ actors enjoy romancing 20+ actresses, no matter how wrinkled they look. Does an actor as dark as Ajay Devgan look handsome romancing an actress as fair as Tamanna Bhatia (I haven’t even mentioned the age difference)?

    P.S. All hail Govinda!

    • Sid

      who is Tamanna Bhatia?

  • Rahul

    Hahahaha…this article is a joke in itself… I saw the video and liked it very much. In fact Govinda is looking much better than SRK, Ajay devgan, Sanjay Dutt etc…
    As far as pairing is concerned, I don’t think think that they were looking odd together…
    I would request people like u to stop disrespecting great actors like govinda just because you are getting money for writing such cheap articles

    • Renu (UK)

      I agree with you…! I think Govinda has lost lot of weight and looked nice…despite the age gap…! Definitely better than SRK, Ajay D & Sanjay D….etc..!

      His singing is great and he should do both side by side….!!

      • Rahul

        @renuuk:disqus Thank u so much for replying. Cheers !! :)

  • Renu (UK)

    Govinda and acting has NO age…! His expression and moves could match any young actress of to-day…! He is master of dancign and now with singing …its exceletn…! COme on make more movies with Govinda…the world needs your talent and films….!

    ‘ Govinda alaa re…Govinda alaa …! ‘

    Come on you guys…better find something else to write…!

  • ajay

    Awesome singing skill of govinda..good video..and as always nice dance steps of govinda..and despite being around 25 years older than puja banerjee..he hardly looks only 7-8 years older than her…and he looks far better than sanjay dutt romancing kangana ranaut..even 57 yr old sunny deol looks fine with 19 yr old urvashi rautela in ‘singh saab the great’ than sanjay dutt..sanjay looks weird.

  • Sam Govinda Fan

    govinda is fffffffffantastic & mindblowing superstar…………..as always No need to say any thing.

    • rakesh chandra

      nice songs i like it song govinda je to badsha hai to badsha jo hote hai wo to singing a songs bhi kar sakte hai muje to sare gane ache lage hai par gori tere naiana song nice ……………..

  • Ashley

    NOONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY THIS ABOUT GOVINDA! So what if he dances with her so many other actors do this! Amitabh in Cheeni Kum. This is not a right headline or article. This is wrong and Govinda looks fairly rather dashing and looks younger than Shahruhk. I hate critics.


    @Prateek Sur This is a very bad method of getting hits on your post. These day’s everyone becomes critic even if they are not qualified for it. I saw the video, its a beautiful song with beautiful dance. But you were watching the girl and thinking this is not fair! Govinda should not dance or act with a young girl. If you cant say a good thing then keep your opinion with you.