Govinda: You felt chilli when I twirled the girl, what can I do?

The funniest songs of the ’90s have one aspect in common – Govinda. Here are a few of them designed to make you laugh out loud, yet again

Some of the most hilarious songs in Bollywood have been picturised on Govinda. There’s hardly any other actor who can dance as well as he does with a comparable comic timing. He infuses his dance steps with comic elements that make it even funnier to watch. Lyricists can have a fun time penning the weirdest words as they can be sure Govinda will bring them to life in his own style. When those words are translated in English, they get weirder, more nonsensical and sometimes, not so hilarious. We bring you the best and worst of three of his hit songs and why it might not be a very good idea to literally translate them for your non-Hindi speaking friends you want to convert into Govinda fans – unless they already love his yellow pants!

Main to raste se jaa raha tha from Coolie No. 1

Main to raste se ja raha tha, main to bhelapuri kha raha tha, main to ladki ghuma raha tha

raste se ja raha thaa, bhelapoori kha raha thaa, ladki ghuma raha tha,

tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karoon

a: main to raste se ja rahi thi, main to ice cream kha rahi thi, main to naina lada rahi thi

raste se ja rahi thi, aais-kriim kha rahi thi, naina lada rahi thi

tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karoon


I was going on the road, I was eating bhelpuri, I was twirling the girl

Was going on the road, was eating bhelpuri, was twirling the girl

If you felt the chilli, what can I do?

I was going on the road, I was eating ice cream, I was fighting my eyes

Was going by the road, was eating ice cream, was fighting my eyes

If you felt the chilli, what can I do?


Jeth ki dopahari mein from Coolie No. 1

Jeth ki dopahari mein paanv jale hain saiyya paanv jale hain

aa ke god mein utha thaam le baiyya

jeth ki dopahari mein garmi lage hain rani garmi lage hain

aake mujh ko bitha zulfon ki chhaiyya

In Summer’s afternoon my feet have burnt lover feet have burnt

Come and lift me in your lap, hold my arms

In Summer’s afternoon I am feeling hot, my queen, feeling hot

Come and make me sit in the shade of your hair


Sunday ki raat thi from Rajaji

Sunday ki raat thi pehli mulaakaat thi

main thaa vo thi main thaa vo thi halki barsaat thi haaye

aalishaan kisi bangle se gaadi mein vo nikli

mere pyaar mein jaal mein phans gayi paise vaali titli

naukar chaakar ghumenge ab mere aage peechhe

ab to saari daulat hogi in kadamon ke neeche

saari duniyaa uske peechhe par woh mere saath thi


It was the night of Sunday, first meeting it was

I was there, she was there, I was there, she was there, a light rain was there

From a luxurious some bungalow she got out in a car

In my love’s web got stuck this moneyed butterfly

Servants and maids will go round round in front and behind me

Now all the wealth will be below these feet

The whole world behind her but she is with me.