Gulaab Gang song Dheemi dheemi si: Madhuri Dixit-Nene wins our hearts with her expressions!

Madhuri’s next sure looks promising and the music is too good, no doubt about it. Especially after hearing the latest track

Dheemi dheemi si from Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s Gulaab Gang begins with a slow pace, in which we get to see the actor sitting beside a bonfire pondering about something. It then shows a man torturing a woman. However, the music then gets fast and energetic as the video moves on to show, how the women of Gulab Gang retaliate. The lyrics of the song are nice as the women are singing their woes, aloud. They are complaining about the government being busy in their own chores and being unaffected by the troubles of the common man. Madhuri’s expressions in the song totally capture our attention. This dhak dhak girl sure knows the way to our hearts, even without latkas and jhatkas. While the song begins with showing the woman as the weaker sex, we get to see them in full power, fighting men in the end of the video.

Though Dheemi dheemi si from Gulaab Gang doesn’t fall under the romantic or item number kinda categories, this number is lovely. It’s not just a treat to the ears but also visually.