Gunday causes Bangladeshi outrage

Gunday causes Bangladeshi outrage

The Bangladeshis protested after the release of the Ranveer Singh-Arjun Kapoor starrer

Bangladeshis across the world are up in arms against Yash Raj Films’ hit film Gunday, starring Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Irrfan Khan. The reason for their outrage is that the film that begins with the events of 1971 that led to the creation of Bangladesh as the ‘India-Pakistan war’ rather than the ‘Bangladesh war of liberation’. Bangladeshis took to social media networks to express their protest and demand an apology from Yash Raj.

The studio duly issued a statement that went thus:

“Dear Friends…

Several of our Bangladeshi brethren have reached out to us with their concerns on the way the story has been portrayed and we would like to apologise if any disrespect or hurt has been caused to them. However, this was and is meant to be a fictional work and does not in any way project or disrespect any particular segment of society or persons or a nation.

The birth of a country is always steeped in the sacrifices made by its freedom fighters and martyrs and this can never be forgotten. And so was the case with Bangladesh and its people who paid a huge price to attain this freedom. The history of the sub-continent reflects this and acknowledges the struggle of the people of Bangladesh.

However, GUNDAY was not meant to in any way slight the sacrifices made or to recount the history of the creation of a new nation but several families did unfortunately get displaced as a consequence. The film addresses one such Indian family’s plight during these troubled times. The two orphans were forced to flee because of circumstances completely out of their control. And what ensued thereafter left them with very little choice but to take on the life that they did, one of desperate yet fun-loving renegades. This was largely a consequence of a prevailing system, which did not allow them to lead a normal life and be accepted in society. They were labelled as refugees and stigmatised.

If this fictitious story and its telling have in any way upset the sentiments of anybody, we would like to clarify that it was totally inadvertent and it is sincerely further regretted.

Warm regards,

YRF Team”

Ironically, no Indian film, including Gunday, can be released in Bangladesh as the government has banned the exhibition of Indian films right from 1971, in order to protect the local film industry. The two governments tried to reach a rapprochement in 2010 and 2011 but nothing came of it. Therefore Bangladeshis in Bangladesh have no legal way of watching Indian films. Besides Gunday, another Indian film that could potentially fan fires is due shortly. Mrityunjay Devvrat’s Children Of War, formerly titled The Bastard Child, is also about the events of 1971 and has already been banned in Pakistan.


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  • Agnee_Film

    Thanks To YRF, Beause of Making BD Gov’t realize that attempting to Lift Indian film ban in Bangladesh was a Mistake, Today BD High Court Verdict Placed a Ban On Bollywood for Next 50 Years and With BD Film Industry Rapidly Growing in Recent Years, I Don’t think people will be watching Bollywood Anymore in next 5 Years.

  • PakistanForever

    Pakistanis Should Stop Watching Bollywood and Start Building Their Own Film Industry like Bangladesh is Doing…

    • shakuntela

      bhai jaan assi kare ah tuanu tension len di jarurat nhi :-)
      Pakistani serias zabaradast.. and indian movie mast kalander lol :-)

  • th2

    India always protrays bangladesh negatively…

    • Amardeep Rehal

      buddy watch this movie then say … NOTHING negative… this movie is based on friendship . . two boys from just independent bangladesh , thier struggles , achievement and their true friendship .. thats it .. 1971 was only a reference about their background .. IT IS NOT A WAR MOVIE.. plez dont confuse

      • th2

        Amardeep, I can understand your point but changing history or deprecating Bangladesh is a general trend in India. In Indian news paper only negatives news of Bangladesh will come.. and Knowledge of History is too among the south and north Indian… even Indian Muslim dont know what happened in 1971

        • Amardeep Rehal

          Good and reputed news papers u dont c such thing only petty or small papers who hardly have anythng to cover will either do time pass by immigrants news or ISI or watevr and hardly anyone of us do read such papers … LOOK THERE ARE GOOD PPL AND BAD PPL .. THESE GUYS .. THEY ARE BUSINESS PPL …THEY WILL SELL ANYTHNG to get profit .. WAR SEX AND RELIGION are most profitable fields . . .Its just part of system … Huge scams go unreported .. u and me can play facebook .. oNLy urss and mine FREEDOM Fyters HAD THE BALLS to DO anything .. We have to pay a price to bring change …So better ignore it and Love wat we have

          • raihan

            what u r saying is true, we aint blaming the people of india. the blame goes to the people who change the history, nd dnt do ny homework before making big things. and i see in many places on media or politics. india always try to portray Bangladesh. how they call us friend when then dnt knw how to respect a friend. everyday they kill people in bangladeshi boarder yet they never say shit bout it. they dnt kill a fly in pakistan boarder but in the friend boarder. felani(the bagladeshi girl) got killed in indian boarder nd they hang the body der for two days but the killer got free in the indian justice court. there is thousands of cases like that i dnt hate india but its true they r not our friend indeed.

          • Amardeep Rehal

            But Bhaijaan I can also show 10s of cases against BangAL also ,But that is wat U and me Call SYSTEM.. look if u want change u need power .. anywhere .. nothing can be done ..truthfully .. we are free 2 abuse each other … smoke and go home eat thats it …so this debate has no point except ur and mine blood pressure effect .. But Ur and mine Backgrounds are GREAT enough that such silly movies cant blot it … so such leave it

      • Nahid

        why dont you make a film about your brothers then potray yourself as a bastard,then show to your mum and then say it was for the background,,,if you attempting something which based on true event you should potray the way it is ,just google it u will know everything ,hope u got ur answer buddy !!!

        • Amardeep Rehal

          look Nahid cursing me or anyone ,if makes u hero , then go on using it and that “bastard” part .. movie never said or showed that bangla fellows are bastard .. have u really seen the entire movie .. it is only about True friendship .. and for the first three lines u wrote . thank u .. may allah bless with good thoughts ..I dont think u r person who loves cursing evryone.. I dont have to google it .. I m born and brought up in West Bengal .. well I would suggest u to google some more english curse words Against me .. I think that would make happy atleast ..

  • BD

    Well our history wasn’t fictitious so whenever if you’re making a film on another country’s history or including a part of it please give the right information about it! Therefore we Bangladeshis does not have any personal grudge over India! It’s just you should keep in mind what you’re doing/making shouldn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments! Thank you!

    • Amardeep Rehal

      this movie is based on two bangla youths for whom friendship is most important thing .. did u saw this movie ?? if not then c it ? it is only based on friendship ..the 1971 war was just used to show where these two youth came from rest of the story is on their TRUE FRIENDSHIP .. BD bhai

      • Sami

        this is for you my friend. . and clearly this is not a silly mistake to consider. This movie will be watched by thousands of people and telling them wrong history wouldn’t be a good choice.
        The movie may be very good and based on friendship and love and bla bla bla but the fact is when u use a historical event please consider to do enough research and be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings. And now all we demand is a press conference from YRF apologizing for their mistake. thanks.

        • shakuntela

          i evenn dont read your comment.. hahaha cheapuuuu

        • Amardeep Rehal

          yeah wats wrong it was also third war against pakistan .. they may have not mentioned in detail about Bangla war for freedom ..But overall this movie has nothing to do with freedom fighters so Y shud they include it . It only focuses on Bikram and Bala ..

  • rahat

    Fucking Indians

    • Ariana

      Stop using abusive words Mr Rahat . I m also Bangladeshi and India is always our good friend not pakistan.

      • Maya

        What did the pakistanis do to u?? U should stop involving pakistanis into ur mess!!

        • Ayeshaaaaa

          Yes, I agree. Why is Pakistan mentioned? This a matter between Bangladesh and India, not Pakistan.

          • Sam

            because Pakistanis are bastards. they were and they will always be.

          • shakuntela

            shame on you uneduacted person…

          • Tris An

            Sam you are a loser with no insight. Don’t swear at any nationality.

          • Tassha

            Seriously,you people can be such dick heads!I am a Bangladeshi and I really dont hate pakistan anymore.Whatever their government did was in the past way before you were born.Within the last 43 years,they didnt do anything else.Where as see what Indians are doing to Bangladesh.They are tearing Bd apart by border killings and raising dams and the list goes on.
            Before you go on sucking India’s smelly feet,just open your eyes,really.Being a Bangali,I am ashamed people like you even exist.

        • Mohammad Mahi

          Oh really Maya????You really don’t know what Pakistan did with Bangladesh in 1971????What pakistanis did to Bangladesh can’t be described in words.Kidnapping,Arresting,Setting fire on homes and villages,firing at innocent people,raping women,killing newborn babies by throwing them on the floor,murdering people and letting their bodies be eaten by dogs,forcing our hindu brothers and sisters to change their religion and many more filthy crimes and tortures I can’t even write about and still u say what Pakistan did to us????Know one thing,the destruction pakistanis caused to our beloved country is beggar description….Pakistan can never be forgiven for those sins….and now the pakistanis are being punished for their sins…Look at pakistan,fire everywhere,the country has been filled with terrorists,the people can’t even pray peacefully.Now see,Allah is punishing them for what they did to us in 1971.

  • Risalatul Haque Ontik

    “Ironically, no Indian film, including Gunday, can be released in Bangladesh as the government has banned the exhibition of Indian films right from 1971″

    - Only true to some extent. Indian TV channels and DVDs have free access but no public exhibition in the cinemas. Does India allow all foreign movies for public exhibition?

    “The two governments tried to reach a rapprochement in 2010 and 2011 but nothing came of it.”

    - Yes, because Bangladesh wanted it’s TV channels in return to be allowed in India which was refused. And we believe our TV channels have good potential in West Bengal. Bangladesh is way more generous when it comes to allowing foreign films comparing to India.

    Now, please stop babbling with your filmy brain (if you claim it’s brain) and take a look at what’s really happening.

  • Mash

    Bangladesh has got victory over Pakistan on 16th December and Indian Army joined with BD on 14th so cant undestand how its India-Pakistan war? the movie is good but it has narrated a wrong story at beginning the makers should have known their facts before doing this

    • Amardeep Rehal

      Cause this movie based on Indian side of story thats y it was third war against them. This movie got nothng to do with Bangla Freedom War .. only Bikram and Bala .IF WANT ALL FACTS THEN U R WATCHING ENTIRELY WRONG MOVIE COZ THIS IS NOT WAR DOCUMENTARY MOVIE .. so y shud they go in detail of Bangla MUktivahini and RAZAKARS , etc

      • Nahid

        you go fuck yourself ,stupid.

        • Amardeep Rehal

          that’s what u know right ! next time get a new line from ur hommies

  • Jammu

    It’s sad that the Bangladeshis can’t watch the full film. Bangladeshis also cannot support ANY Bollywood film, because there are no theatrical releases. There are unfortunately few legal cable providers in the country, so 99% of viewers of Bollywood movies are, unfortunately, participating in piracy the first time they sit through an entire Hindi movie. They could gain a better understanding of this movie if they could see it in theaters.

    I also do not see why they should be outraged. Nothing in this movie that is supposed to be fact is anything but, i.e. no fact is twisted or misdirected. This was an Indo-Pakistani war, which led to a new sovereign country as a result. World War II created Singapore, which had its own freedom fighters, just like East Pakistan did at the time of that war. The Americans fought their own war with Japan because of the need of others (Manchuria, SEA), as did India with Pakistan, because of the need of East Pakistan. It is clear now, right?

    Also, at the surrender of the Pakistanis, Bangladeshi officials were only observers. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because a rightful peoples were granted their sovereignty as they could not get it from those who could’ve given it to them but instead used their firepower to cruelly subdue them (interestingly, manpower was much bigger in East Pakistan than West) .

    Bangladesh’s struggle is her struggle alone. Therefore, it is a different story. This movie is about the Indian side of the story, which is also different. There can be a Bangladesh Liberation movie, which can highlight the part of the freedom fighters. Remember that no country before becoming sovereign has its own army. Therefore all its firepower is its manpower, the freedom fighters.

    But this movie did one thing wrong: it did not talk about the freedom fighters of East Pakistan. The script writer could have at least included one line acknowledging their part. At least something like “…through this war, with the help of her freedom fighters, a new country Bangladesh was created.”

  • Ferdousi

    “…no Indian film, including Gunday, can be released in Bangladesh
    as the government has banned the exhibition of Indian films right from
    1971, in order to protect the local film industry.”
    This is only partially true! As mentioned before, Indian TV channels are broadcasted legally in Bangladesh and who doesn’t have access to CDs/DVds. In addition, in the age of internet, you can watch movie trailers in Youtube (legally, you know!). And didn’t the West Bengal film fraternity also requested not to release Gunday dubbed in Bangla for allowing the survival of local industry? Oh, the irony! [Source:
    Open your eyes and use you brain! What is wrong – is wrong. There’s no justification to that. Gunday, an Indian movie, has portrayed the history of Liberation war of Bangladesh in a very wrong way – whatever your intentions were and even though it was only the first few minutes in the movie. If you have misperception regarding this particular historical event, clarify it right now; so do your homework properly. I am a Bangladeshi and no matter how small my country is, no one has the right to demean or twist the facts of my history, in whichever way it is.

  • shakuntela

    so funny how people bring Pakistan in it lol its a trend hena?
    Its a indian made movie for indians and the indians potrayed the story like my bangladeshis.. you got your apolgy but the movie is out.. as usual, they do this with pakistanis, with indians himsef and so with you.. its a movie just a movie..
    the history stays.. and cant be moved shifted or changed ;-) we got our freedom you got it and now rest in peace!

  • Guest

    Whats wrong with you bollywoodlifie why are you deleting my comment.. ??
    was is critical against india or what? Indians do that with everyone pointing the finger its nothing new.. now its the turn with you bangladeshis.. they do that with there own indian people too.. its a movie and history will stay foreva and now ek cup tschai

  • Haroon

    It’s a general state of mind of many Indian (may be most) about Bangladesh is that this country got its independence through the mercy of India in 1971. I have had such experience many times while discussing with my Indian colleagues in different social events. This is their ignorance on the fact. And It does not matter at all if someone Indian or Bangladeshi doesn’t know about all those events of history but it does matter when any other country’s historical event is portrayed very incorrectly in any media.

    I do agree with the general view of some of my Indian friends who see nothing wrong with the core concept of the film. And the film maker surly did not have any intention
    to portray the historical event but again while it’s about a country how it was born – we should be careful enough to say even a word.

  • Ruhul Ahmed

    I don’t understand why you people fighting. I am Bangladeshi and I understand people are mad about the movie. People it’s not India who made this film. So please stop have respect for neighbor countries. And also don’t blame Pakistani people for what happen before. It was not the ordinary people who did those bad things. It was the army and the army did it Caz they were given order

  • Vikash Sharma
  • raihan

    if indian movies are banned, how indian cables took place in bangladesh, in the first place ?

  • A Bangladeshi

    We cannot digress from the focus here. One cannot take on a sensitive nationalist and historical issue of a whole country and distort it in the name of “fictional” representation. Bangladeshis respect India and Indians, but when people in YRF do not have any sense on film ethics, they do contribute to deny that sense of respect. The article here has a tendency of accusing Bangladesh Government for not running Indian films in cinemas. Bangladesh can give thousands or reasons supporting the fact, and all of them are related with its own previously vulnerable and recently rising film industry. However, this is not an issue here either. If anywhere in the world anything is produced against the history of Bangladesh, people will definitely protest. The issue(s) is/are distorting and disrespecting a country and their cherished history. It is unfortunate that a renowned film production house has approached a sensitive issue carelessly, and called it “fictional”. The film does not focus on Bangladesh or it’s history, and that is something we all know. However, there are certain distortions of our history and nationalism, and nobody has the right to do it. I study film in US, and I can give an extensive explanation on how the film disorients film ethics. Anyway, the borderline is nobody has the right to hurt the historical and national identity in any form. People in YRF need some education, and I am sure the film would have been different if Mr. Yash Raj were still alive. Also, please note, our position is only against those who are involved in producing and releasing this film.
    — A Bangladeshi

  • sohel emon

    Be careful in future before making any Indian films related with
    Bangladesh, Bangladesh History. Otherwise Indian People might see a
    movie releasing in Bangladesh with Title- A country with sons of Pig
    (India). And it will be a huge profitable indeed !!

    • Amardeep Rehal

      LOL r u funding it ??

      • sohel emon

        Not..only me. 20 crore Bangladeshis have already negative mindset over India. we also like to show this movie in 28 states over India. Title- A country with son of Pigs (India and Hindustan).

  • Asif Zaman

    I am a Bangladeshi. other than the “birth of Bangladesh” part of the film, there is nothing wrong with it. But if someone tries to make something s/he should research on it first. Already YRF apologized for it. but Indian movies reaches a lot of people around the globe. so other those who doesn’t know about the truth would end up thinking what was said.

  • Sumanta Ray

    Well my parental roots belongs to Bangladesh and I know well about the 1971 war. Truly speaking if Mrs Indira Gandhi hadn’t helped you people it was impossible for you people to get independence. The movie don’t have any portrayal of making Bangladesh bad or anything. Still people are coming from Bangladesh every day and in thousands to settle in India and you Bangladeshi people know it very well. If you consider us friend then why you ban our movies? Look at Europe, UK or America they don’t blame others but even appraise each others movie. A lot of French and Spanish movies are marvellous but we are unaware about them. Remember that Indira Gandhi cried while giving interview to BBC World saying that my Bangla people are dying. You should feel shameful as still you throw out Hindus from your country to India and declares yourself as republic. Tell me anyone how many Muslims has gone towards Bangladesh after 1971 war? None because they know they can live and be safe in India. Its nothing but all the neighbouring countries of India fears India because it has become a superpower but even been a superpower India has never attacked any other country ever. All you people get you statistics cleared and get civilized. Behave like a good country fellow not be a communal alternatively accepting the truth too.