Gunjan Utreja, Mohammed Nazim, Adhvik Mahajan react to Abu Azmi’s comment on rape victims

Abu Azmi, the former Rajya Sabha member and sitting MLA, told a leading daily in an interview, that a woman who has sex with or without consent should be hanged as prescribed in Islam

There was uproar on social networking sites about the narrow mindedness of Abu Azmi. In fact his son, Farhan Azmi and daughter-in-law Ayesha Takia also expressed their displeasure in his words. Here is what the telly stars have to say about Abu Azmi’s comment on women:

Shashank Sethi

I think the politicians who give such statements should be hanged. It is because of such politicians and not the government that rape happens. If politicians would be strict with the rules and regulations then rapes wouldn’t happen. A man can’t blame anyone else for his own lust.

Mohammed Nazim

Rape and sex by consent or love are two different things. Rape is a crime. Rape is forced. A woman can’t be blamed. A helpless woman is a victim and she doesn’t get any pleasure in rape.

Adhvik Mahajan

Such people and statements should not be taken seriously and if possible banned from all kind of social circles. They don’t deserve to be our leaders; they are just male chauvinists. A sane person will never make such shameful and derogatory statements.

Gunjan Uterja

They say never argue with stupid people. First they bring you down to their level and beat you with their experience. This statement is under the same category. This shows his mentality about women and sex. Sex is a basic human need. If this is how our leaders think, then definitely bringing them in power means burning our future down with our own hands.

Gulfam Khan

I find this thought very sick. People who defend mentally sick people are from the dinosaur age and they should go back there.

Shraddha Musale

These statements reflect how some of the men think. We shouldn’t even worry about such statements, the world is full of good people, and if we look at the men around us, they are accommodating and believe in equality. Above statements shouldn’t find place in any media.

Two days later Abu Azmi corrected himself and accused the media of twisting his words. The Samajwadi party leader claims that he never said those things. Oh yes, we believe you!