Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee come together for a fiction show

Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee come together for a fiction show

The dishy dude has been refusing daily soap offers in order to fulfill his Bollywood dream, but this new offer has Gurmeet rethinking his options

A little birdie informed us that Saurabh Tewary – the producer of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and Rangrasiya wants to do a show under his new banner called Tequila Shots and wants Gurmeet Choudhary as his main lead.

The source also told us that the lead opposite Gurmeet has not been selected as of yet, as the makers are still deliberating on a new face or to cast Debina Bonnerjee opposite her hubby. Gurmeet has not yet given his nod. Apparently, Debina will only be considered if her hubby decides to do this project. The love birds have been doing two shows together – Nach Baliye and now Khatron Ke Khiladi 5. Guess that would make it easier to decide for this new project.

Well does that mean, Gurmeet will put his Bollywood career and dreams on hold or will the actor give this show a miss?

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  • Urooj Khan

    Please make this to be a true news…really want Gurmeet n Debina to do drama serial together

  • MissQ

    Seriously u guys think we r foolish??? First u report they r getting a divorce and now after that they will work together….u shud stop selling false news riding on other peoples popularity….leave Gurmeet alone unless u hv some genuine news to report which is what ur job is!

  • NidsUsaNY

    This has to be some joke ok seriously.. we are not fools and there is no way I or some ppl will believe this.. first report comes out about them getting divorce which was so a false rumor and now this crap.. Y can’t Gurmeet be left alone and focus on his dream to do Bollywood films??? most of his friends are getting Bollywood offer and succeeding why can’t he??? no need he has done enough of tv serials and few shows with his wife together already nach baliye 6 and KKK let him fulfill his dreams.. This is ridiculous seriously I don’t know y he can’t tell the media to let him do what he wants to do.. Leave him alone nd let him fulfill his dreams…

    • reddy

      Because all this fake news is to getting the popularity,that is y they dont tell media , and if he done any serial with Debina it is not going to work at least like Punar Vivah,
      And till now they had worked many reality shows together in which they hadn’t won atleast one, and she her slef participated some reality shows which she cant even gone till semi final,

  • reddy

    Is he going to work in a show like CHIDIYA GHAR or what,because no other good shows and big directors are going to give the offer to Debina, Because of her he already ruined his TV career,
    So for his wifes career he is going to sacrifice his movie also,good,

    • NidsUsaNY

      He should not sacrifice his bollywood dreams to do another serial with his wife her acting its always overacting and annoying.. they have worked together already so many times and not many like their chemistry.. he should focus on looking into script for films and fulfill his dreams, he should be left alone and let him fulfill his wishes…

    • fools doctor

      Reddy u r an idiot. Serious type of idiot. U also have some emotional crappy block towards relationships. That is why this block towards debina. Right? was ur mom a run away bride or deserted u all as family? Ha ha. Moron. Go get ur head checked.

  • fools doctor

    N bollywood r U guys totally sidelined by film industry that u have nothing else but television celeb s to write about? All the time writing lies n rumors on debina n gurmeet. Start checking ur so called sources buster. U r just making fool of ur selves. Finishing ur credibility.

  • Dy Lm

    gc can do anything for db He will get work for her in movies too