Gustakh Dil: Will Nikhil stop Lajjo from leaving him?

There is no doubt that the village belle is in love with the English babu, but she also knows that he loves someone else

Nikhil (Vaibhav Roy) has been in love with Ishana (Parvati Sehgal) for seven years. His unexpected marriage to Lajjo (Sana Amin Sheikh) puts stress on their relationship but does not break them. Nikhil also cares for Lajjo’s well being and doesn’t want to hurt her. So tell her that they will be friends, but his love will always be Ishana.

Lajjo convinces herself that her husband will never truly love her and settles being just his friend, but love is such a bug when caught you can’t get rid of it that easy. Lajjo falls in love with Nikhil’s humble and simple nature, but the feelings are never reciprocated.

In the recent episodes, Nikhil and Lajjo are on a resort with his married friend and wife from America. While Nikhil appreciates Lajjo’s innocence and ignorance, it also irritates him when she embarrasses him in public. When alone in their room, Nikhil is constantly on the phone with Ishana. Lajjo is heartbroken and in tears but accepts her fate, however, she doesn’t want to trouble Nikhil anymore.

Once back from the resort, Lajjo will go back to her village, Sonbarsa, so that Nikhil and Ishana can finally reunite. But will Nikhil let her go? Guess that’s something only time will tell.