Happy New Year shooting cancelled because of Shahrukh Khan’s injury

Update: The Happy New Year star was hurt when a door fell on him at a suburban hotel. While it’s not too serious, director Farah cancelled the shoot on Friday…

There have been official statements doing the media rounds that Shahrukh Khan is fine and he will be back to work soon after he got injured during the shoot of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year yesterday.

Shahrukh Khan injured during Happy New Year shoot!


But seems like he is not all that fine after all. Apparently the superstar was not only injured badly, but he was also left a little shaken after a  heavy 10×5 door came crashing towards him while he was shooting with Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Sonu Sood. Luckily, he ducked and avoided being slammed under the door, but he suffered a deep gash on his forehead, injured his knee and his shoulder – which has already gone through numerous surgeries – took the weight of the door.

Shahrukh Khan in physiotherapy after being injured on Happy New Year sets

An eyewitness said, “Shahrukh was in a lot of pain. He is also become frail because of the repeated injuries and surgeries. The entire team went to the hospital with him. They were there for more than four hours. Thorough tests including CT scan and an MRI scans were done.” The witness also added, “Shahrukh and the entire team went back to shoot at the Marriott. Shahrukh had his hand in a sling. He took of his sling and did his shots. But he was quite shaken. The shooting has been cancelled on Friday to allow Shahrukh to rest.”

Salman Khan: Concentrate on Jai Ho, Shahrukh Khan is fine!

Well, we hope that our superstar SRK takes adequate rest and get’s well soon. And our wishes, are of course with him always!