Haraamkhor quick movie review: The first half of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s social drama will make you uncomfortable

Haraamkhor starts with a message that the movie is about the atrocities committed to children, especially girls by the ones who were sworn to protect them. That message (if the trailer wasn’t clear enough) is enough to tell you that this is not going to be a comfortable watch. Haraamkhor has been stuck with the Censors for too long it seems, as this was supposed to be Shweta Tripathi (of Masaan fame) debut. She plays Sandhya a ninth standard student and daughter of a police officer, who is having a secret affair with her teacher (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). Then there is her tuition mate Kamal who has a crush on her and stalks, goaded by his best friend, Mintoo. Haraamkhor is about kids but it is not a kiddie flick. The kids in this movie are not the ‘aww’dorable (read – over sweet, oversmart) ones you usually see in serials and films. The kids here abuse, talk about seeing each other naked and discuss their idea of sex. There are scenes that depict underage sex and child abuse. This is not the kind of popcorn flick you are usually served every week, but one that needs a strong stomach to digest. (ALSO READ: Haraamkhor song Kidre Jaawan: Nawazuddin and Shweta’s unconvential love story gets a sweet twist courtesy Jasleen Royal – watch video)

In my opinion, Haraamkhor is Nawazuddin’s creepiest role till date. He is supposed to be a teacher who instills good values in kids, and he is good at his job. But in this life of Sandhya, he exists as a sexual predator, someone whom she herself allows to rule her life, so that she can get back at her father, who ignores her to be with his lover. The child actors cast in the movie are natural, this making Haraamkhor more gritty to be savoured. The interval scene is the most uncomfortable moment I have experienced in recent times. Haraamkhor may be a movie, but then what scares me more is that these things happen around us. I can’t imagine the real horrors that await me once the second half starts.