Harry Potter’s Ginny Weasley to act in Pooja Bhatt’s film!

The Brit star Bonnie Wright outbid everyone to land a role in Pooja’s next production

When we first heard that Pooja Bhatt was auctioning off roles, we were thinking how her strategy would work, and whether she would manage to cast someone decent for her upcoming films. But then Pooja surprised us all by casting the Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright, and that too by having the pretty Brit actor pay for it!

At an auction held on May 23, organised by the Scottish Circle, Bonnie aka Ginny Weasley of Harry Potter fame outbid other hopefuls by a wide margin. The money collected through the auction will apparently go towards preventing violence against women. Now the star has a choice of either being a part of a song and dance extravaganza – Cabaret where she has no spoken lines, or she could do a ‘meaningful’ speaking role in the film Bad which is based on the Bikini serial killer Charles Sobhraj’s life.

If it were us, we’d ask Bonnie to go for Bad, considering the film has scope for a foreign character. But if she wants to be all pretty and prance around and fulfill her Bollywood musical fantasies, Cabaret it would be! Way to go Pooja, casting another firang. And we’re glad that this time it isn’t a porn star!