Has Aamir Khan started smoking again?

In 2011 the Dhoom:3 baddie said that he had stopped smoking. But looks like Mr Perfectionist isn’t that sure about his resolve after all…

Aamir Khan quit smoking for a good reason two years ago and we were as happy as his near and dear ones must have been. But the old adage ‘bad habits die hard’ holds true in Aamir’s case. We hear that the actor is back to lighting up. Apparently the talented actor is nervous about his new film Dhoom:3 and that’s the reason why he has started smoking again. Stress, you see, he explains. Well, we wouldn’t blame him, coz of late unexpected movies have been minting money at the box office like it’s a cakewalk, while guaranteed superhits have flopped. With Dhoom:3 being the most anticipated film of the year, the pressure is bound to get the better of its actors, no?

Last year Aamir had also said that whenever his film was close to release, he would get nervous and felt that a cigarette could ease the pressure. And even with a young child (Azad Rao Khan) in the house, he is back to puffing on the cancer stick. Tch tch. Well, we know it’s hard to kick a bad habit, but we hope he does get rid of this one once Dhoom:3 releases.