Has Ajay Devgn befriended Salman Khan to take on Shahrukh Khan this Diwali?

Has Ajay Devgn befriended Salman Khan to take on Shahrukh Khan this Diwali?

The Son Of Sardaar actor is going out of his way to remain in the good books of the Dabangg dude

Bollywood is a strange place where friends change every Friday. There are very few celebs that are fiercely loyal, irrespective of the films’ fate. That is the reason we weren’t surprised when we heard that Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan are the new BFFs in B-town. Our friend, who has been clued into Ajay’s forthcoming release, confided in us that Devgn was thinking about rescheduling the release of his Diwali release, Son Of Sardaar. That’s when Salman came into the picture, did an item number for SOS and a cameo too! He further assured the nervous actor-producer to have faith in his film and that it will work at the BO.

That is just the booster that the Singham star was looking for. He stopped worrying about clashing swords with Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan this Diwali. Devgn brainstormed with his team and is in the process of coming up with newer ideas to bring in the crowd by hordes. With Sallu bhai on his side, he has thrown caution to the wind and has bid adieu to the butterflies in his stomach. Devgn is apparently so confident that he has allowed his leading lady Sonakshi Sinha to shoot portions of Dabangg 2 instead of standing by him through this important leg of promotions.

We can totally understand how relieved Devgn might be feeling, but we hope he doesn’t place all his apples in Salman’s basket. After all, he himself has so many Rs 100 crore films under his belt, no?

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    apni site ka naam srk fan page kar de admin f*** you !!!

  • BTown Fan

    I still can’t understand why Ajay is hell bent taking on SRK and resorting to cheap acts by bringing in Salman.I agree his last 2 movies didn’t do as expected but they weren’t disasters to write off SRK. On any given day Ajay can’t match up SRK’s MIGHT everyone knows it,releasing on same day means he is drawing almost NIL from OVERSEAS Box Office which is not good for the film as he is producer and even KHAN’s find it hard against SRK at OVERSEAS.

    • Dipu

      I am absolutely agree with you.

    • ash

      well said dude totally agree…

  • sadia

    the real actor is ajay for me… srk is jus show off… srk movies works only coz of him… he got lots of fan thts the reason… he is not tht fab actor….
    hope both movies do well at the BO…n if ajay is taking risk so wat… if his movie is good then NP… y should he b scared of srk movie n change his dats… after all both r actors… n both got fan out there…. all the best ajay…>3

  • sandeep

    Why u people fight for their competition…Watching the movies is just fun…Watch both the movies in different times… I think atleast this problem was not there in hollywood.. People watch good movies rather fighting for their favorite hero.

    • Mohammad Almasood

      You are right

  • katrina

    SALMAN IS GOING TO DESTROY SHARUKH’S CAREER THE WAY AMITABH DESTROYED RAJESH KHANNA’S CAREER.SALMAN HAS SNATCHED THE TITLE KING FROM SHARUKH EXACTLY THE WAY AMITABH SNATCHED THE TITLE SUPERSTAR FROM RAJESH KHANNA.it does not matter the number of years they ruled 5 or 15,but when stars change it does not leave you with a single penny.pity for sharukh he lost the race just before the winning thread.but as they say jo jeeta wohi sikander.sharukh lost it on the last lap to salman,it does not matter if he was leading in all the laps.aamir has intelligently accepted his defeat and maintained his dignity,sharukh seems to have problen bending in front of the king salman.hope salman forgives him as sharukh also has a damaged rear.sharukh will have to spend billions on plastic surgery on his face to look like a spot boy serving tea to salman,as as of now he can only be mistaken for a monkey without a tail.

    • Mohammad Almasood

      Salman is a very intelligent and good actor.He is beating all of them slowly and permanently. No way some one can ignore that.He is breaking every body’s neck.He have a vision.All are good but he is different then all of them.

    • rani

      i think u cant compare them like that.even amitabh bachan have some respect for rajesh khanna.i think when amitabh read your comment,he will slap you..

  • EMMA

    I hate the 100 CORE CLUB!!

    Some movies are so boring and crap but end up joining the 100 core club, so box office can not be fair all the time. people have different taste after all.

    just enjoy the movie and stop fighting about who is the best or the king of Bollywood.

  • avinash luha

    The Lion King of Bollywood AJAY DEVGN is National award winer Actor . He can beat saharuk khan without support of salman khan but as a great friend he wish to salman khan as cameo . Remind Ajay and Sanjay were cameo in Rady film. SON OF SARDAR

  • bapu

    shahrukh is a winner

  • sujit kumar

    All songs of sos is best

  • talaash all way


  • zohaib

    we just love u srk………………………………….we just hate harami salman and ajay and amir……………….gatar chaap ke aulad hn ye log………………..we love u khan

    • Mohammad Almasood

      Mr,Zohaib only a harami can say some body harami.You love srk it’s alright.We love him too.But why you have to hate Salman and Aamir that much?What’s wrong with you?Both of them are biger block buster then srk right now.All three of them are very good.We love them all.They are good.Love them don’t hate them.Love not hate.

    • scd

      shahrukh tera Bap lagta hai …. ya aur koi sala gandi nali ka kida hai…

  • Fareedoone Aryan

    Is this site really and seriously anti-Salman Khan? i have saved this sites link in my favorites because i believed you guys write without and discrimination and with complete neutrality, but thats not the case

    Long Live Democracy ( with India called the biggest one)

  • Noman Hussain

    every Dog has a day …
    aj kal salman khan k sitare gardish mai hai salam khan ka peak chal raha hai …
    shahrukh khan apni jaga
    or amir apni jaga hai likin bollywood ki jaan to ye khan’s hi hai
    best of luck King khan for upcoming movie …

  • polash,bangladesh

    i agree that SRK lost in his last lap against Salman..but No body doesnt know the future….’kavi kavi kuch pane k kiyea kuch harna parta hain,aur har kar jitnd wale ko Bazigar kahte hai’….i know SRK will win and will destroy salmans careear

    • Asif wani

      Sale apni behan ko srk ke saath chood ne le teri behan ka carrer zaroor kharab ho jaye ga

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