Has Akshay Kumar sold his soul?

Has Akshay Kumar sold his soul?

The Housefull 2 actor admits that it takes a lot to be a star in Bollywood

Akshay Kumar has tasted success after a very long time, thanks to the fact that Housefull 2 has hit gold at the BO. After so many dismal failures and repeated backlash from the critics, this sweet smell of success seems to be a welcome change for the Khiladi Kumar. Though the critics may have panned Housefull 2, it has turned out to be the second-most successful film of the year, after Karan Malhotra’s Hrithik Roshan-Priyanka Chopra-starrer, Agneepath.

Talking about Bollywood’s new found obsession about films touching or crossing the Rs 100cr mark, in a recent interview, Akshay said, “If you want to act out of passion, then it’s your performance that matters. If you just want to make money then you have to be bankable. If you want to be a ‘star’ you have to practically sell your soul every minute of every day, (ask any star nowadays). If you want blockbusters you need to do films that may be your industry may not love you for; but the audience will. It depends on what makes you happy.” Wethinks it is good that Akki has come clean; if only he could balance out the bad karma which comes with doing films like Housefull 2 by doing a sensible film, once in a while. We wonder if other stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan buy Akshay’s logic about selling their souls. What do you think?

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  • robin


    • Amit Kumar

      Sharukh khan is no a good actor or soul! But aAkshay.

  • Beklen

    i feel questions like these can help:1. did you find any thing new n isntreneitg in the promo with respect to previous films of same genre (examples of some good films of the same genre can be given by the person who is asking the question)?2. did you start visualizing/imagining the kind of role lead actors are playing in the movie by just watching its promo. i mean did they start thinking and guessing about the roles of the leads in the movie.3. same as 2, but this time its about story of the movie. did you start thinking about the possible story of the movie, may be climax or the flow in general.4. did they spent some time thinking about point 2 & 3? or did they discuss it with friends/family? (considering the fact that people wont usually waste there time on the things they din’t like much)5. do u think any other actor could have suited the lead role more? (if answer is yae, any/many actor would have , then that means that person liked the trailer irrespective of starcast and genre)6. not sure abt this point but it can actually help some times: what if you had all the necessary looks and talent to do this movie, would you like to REALLY do it? (chances are, if one likes the trailer irrespective of its genre, stars, music then only he will say yes to it)thats what i can think for time being, would post more if i get any vodafone (idea)