Has AR Rahman replaced Shahrukh Khan as Salman Khan’s arch rival?

Has AR Rahman replaced Shahrukh Khan as Salman Khan’s arch rival?
Yogen Shah

At a recent event, Sallu miyaan shocked everyone by calling Rahman an ‘average’ music composer. Though the Dabangg Khan later clarified on Twitter that he was just joking, we know the superstar doesn’t get cheeky without any reason

Looks like Shahrukh Khan is no longer Salman Khan’s jaani dushman. We don’t mean it literally but for now someone else seems to be the Jai Ho actor’s arch rival. We all know about Salman’s not-so-flattering comment about musical genius AR Rahman. At the launch of Rahman and Kapil Sibal’s music album Raunaq, the Kick star called the Mozart of Madras ‘average’. While many were puzzled with his out of the blue remark, not many are aware of the fact that SK shares not-so-great rapport with the Highway music director. And that’s the reason why he took a jibe at Rahman. We hear Sallu had approached the talented music composer for his film Ek Tha Tiger and later even accepted the offer. However, AR Rahman backed off the project at the last minute leaving director Kabir Khan in a fix. That’s not all! Apparently, Kabir repeatedly requested Rahman to complete the songs but his efforts failed. On the flip side, the music maestro asked the makers of Salman starrer to shoot the songs on a demo and told them we would finish the music later. When SK learnt about the same, he thought Oscar winner composer was being unprofessional. Since then, the two have been sharing not-so-friendly vibes.

Also, not so long ago, Rahman’s legal team had sent a notice to Salman and his brother Sohail Khan for using the title Jai Ho which has been trademarked by the former. Now doesn’t that explain why the Bhai was being catty? It sure does…

Well, SK and AR Rahman may not be best of friends but commenting on latter’s work was totally uncalled for. After all, Rahman is nothing less than national treasure, right? While Khan clarified about his remark on Twitter, we wonder if this cold war has ended or just begun. Coz Salman can forget but does not forgive.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sahil

    Rahman has gone very proud since the oscar. One song one bloody oscar and he thinks he is the best there ever was. He is flippin average. Look at highway songs; they put you to sleep.

    • nintappananada njan

      sahil u dnt know anything about music u fool … first tell ur salman to do good films and approach rahman for music… crap movies and crap salman

      • sam

        u r rite….rahman is great

    • Vikas

      Bloody rascal Sahil, WTF you are talking about. Stupid asshole….

    • anil

      Dear Mr. Sahil If u don’t know about ar rahman sir then keep quit…….if u are salman fan go with that dont make shine with music……….

    • Chinmay Shukla

      Bhai Tujhe Music ki ABCD aati hai?
      Oscar ko hataa de mere bhai to bhi tera sallu Rahman Sir ke aas paas bhi nhi dikhega.. Samjha…?
      Aur agar Rahman Sir ke Music ke baare me koi info chahiye ho to mere se contact karna..

  • Jasmer

    Salman bhai all the way!

  • milan227

    Too awesome… here’s to another Bollywood feud. Salman rocks!

  • Fysal

    worst actor sallu………

  • Bandy Banerjee

    All false. What ch**ya news! How can a music director and actors be rivals? And those who have even little brains, have understood that it was a joke. But bollywoodlife obviously is not expected to get it. Looking at your overall standard and hatrade for salman, this news is no surprise.

  • priya

    if you’ve seen the video of the said event, you’ll understand! Salman was obviously joking when he said everybody knows that Rahman is average.. it was just a joke. Pity you people, how you keep fooling all those who buy your stories.. Any ways, now we know how many things can be distorted

  • Maqbool

    on salman’s part he is definitely trying to show off his insensitive approach.

    well for most of his fans cannot understand what is real joke and what is indirect joke.

  • Zain Kazmi

    Oh my god Salman Khan , please use and save these kind of jokes on Shahrukh Khan’s overacting and your own shitty Bollywood career as an actor . AR Rahman sir is my biggest inspiration in life and is no doubt a genius in his music career . I am Rahman sirs one of the biggest fan from Pakistan . And Salman , please you are one of the worst ever Bollywood actor and an overrated Superstar , you don’t know acting , you are also one of the worst ever actor dancer in Bollywood , your knowledge on Cinema in terms of film selection is worse . Salman Khan is just surviving for only 1 reason in Bollywood and that’s just because of poor indian audience who just needs Entertainment , Entertainment , and Entertainment . AR Rahman sir is well recognized Indian film composer globally . On the other hand , Salman Khan is just a piece of shit in front of Rahman sir and Rahman sirs achievements . Be it in acting , or even dancing Salman Khan sucks whereas Rahman sir is a genius in his music profession . Rahman sir is even 10000 times better person than both Salman and Shahrukh Khan . Time Magazine has even described Rahman sir as the world’s most prolific music composer of all time whereas Salman has not been even that famous globally as he is currently in India . Salman you idiot criminal by launching Being Human foundation you think you will show off your attitude and starpower to Rahman and you will succeed but you are so crap . All the 3 Khans are overrated in acting department whereas Rahman sir is purely genius in his music . Such is the talent of AR Rahman sir , that when he made his debut in Cinema in Kollywood Tamil film Roja in 1992 his soundtrack from his debut film was selected by Time Magazine as one of the 10 Best Soundtracks of all time . I love Aamir and SRK films like : Swades , Rang De Basanti , and Lagaan just because of Rahman sirs music in these 3 films Otherwise Shahrukh Khan was good but not that great in Swades while it was only Rahman sirs music and Background score for the film that made me watch this film whereas in Rang De Basanti Aamir was just overacting in the 1st half of the film but was good in the 2nd half but Rahman sir completely nailed it with his one of careers best music direction in this film . A Die Hard AR Rahman fan .