Has Chitrangda Singh forgotten how to act?

Of late the Kafirana item gal’s concentrating on the glam side of Bollywood rather than the real reason she got into the profession, na!

Remember the early impression of Chitrangda Singh was of a stunning, dusky beauty, clad in a simple cotton sari, who charmed her way into every thinking mind’s heart? When tinseltown women were going blonde – literally and metaphorically speaking – the Delhi-based babe stole the sexy show with her natural and realistic act in Sudhir Mishra’s Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi.

But that image is a distant memory now. Sigh! Ever since Chitrangda’s highly-talked about return to the arc lights and greasepaint, she seems to be focusing on the frills and thrills of being an actor, instead of the art of acting. Don’t you think so? After Mishra’s HKA and Yeh Saali Zindagi, she played a woman who cheats on her fiance with his brother (we are not being moralistic and judging the character, but it was a half-baked and unconvincing role in Sorry Bhai), then a professor who was more of a bimbette than a teacher (Desi Boyz), that followed by a lavani jig to Joker’s Kafirana.

That’s not all. Other than abysmal roles in the name of ‘work’, the bright-spark turned bimbo is making noise endorsing razors, shoes and more, sashaying on fashion ramps and posing pretty in front of the lens. Such a waste of talent, na! Or did we set expectations really high for the dusky hottie?

So we wanted to ask the married – much to the dismay of a lot of male admirers – hottie if this is her idea of acting. We truly, madly and sincerely wish not. Let’s hope the filmmaker who brought out Chitrangda’s brilliance the first time salvages her from this sad and sorry state with his next film – reportedly titled Inkaar. Mr Mishra, are you listening?