Has Elli Avram shifted loyalties from Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan?

Has Elli Avram shifted loyalties from Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan?
Yogen Shah

There are some shifts in loyalties are happening outside the Bigg Boss house too, an ex-contestant who seemed like an ardent Dabangg fan claims to be Shahrukh Khan’s fan

Elli Avram was all coy and smiles every time she interacted with host Salman Khan while she was on Bigg Boss 7.  And Sallu’s fondness for Elli was also very evident right from the opening episode. Elli went all out to impress the Dabangg star. From crooning romantic numbers from Sallu’s hit films to performing to hit item song from Dabangg 2, she left no stone unturned to impress Sallu – from improving her culinary skills to learning Hindi. Going by the antics of these two, we were sure that Elli will soon bag a role opposite Salman in a movie. But that didn’t happen thanks to the Sallu’s choc-a-bloc schedule.

Change to the scene outside the house, Elli was basking in Sallu’s light for the longest time. Guess the Mickey Virus heroine realised that there was no project coming her way. And guess what, there was an immediate shift in loyalties. Why do we say so, you ask? That’s because the Swedish beauty has listed Shahrukh Khan as her favourite and and even went on to name 2002 film Devdas as her favourite. “I like ‘Devdas’ the most because the love that is shown in the movie is so deep and beautiful, it is amazing. I have a crush on that movie,” said Elli during an event in Delhi.

After failing to be the next Katrina Kaif in Salman’s life is Elli aiming to take Deepika Padukone’s place as a heroine in Shahrukh’s films? Looks like it, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Guest

    because there are rude people in the house. i honestly don’t think i could ever be rude to the person who is making me food everyday..just feels wrong

  • guest

    she hasn’t shifted loyalties. she said in the live feeds that her favorite actors are salman and shahrukh. believe it or not, you can be a fan of both.

  • Rabia Sheikh

    shahrukh is a way better actor and person than salman, shahrukh respects women, he is truly a gentle man, plus he is very intelligent, smart and witty, salman on the other hand comes around as a cranky, brainless bully.

    • Rahul

      BULL SHIT…..Shahrukh is nothing in front of salman khan…coz i was a die hard fan of SRK since 90′s while i was just 10 years old …but in the last 5-6 years i shifted my loyalities to Salman as SRK is just nothing…now when i see the films of his made in 90′s it makes me sick that i was liking him for almost nothing…SRK also is very insecure about his looks and age….you can clearly see him with tons of surgeries on his face to make him look younger but he is still cant defy the age factor

      • Romeo

        U need some self respect kid. Seems like u r chamcha type person. may be its gud for u and this is what ur fate is.

      • Don

        You are one ugly mother fucker salman is old and he is gay… srk was the best and will always remain srk has done more action movies with senseful movies a real srk fan can never like a non actor like salman khan. By the way salman was trying to flirt with elli… he has done nothing to change loyalties srk is better looking and better than salman always…. just see srk killer look even now he is the only king of box office… salman khan one old bald budda only fit of copying superhit movies from the south…

  • Farhat Hafeez

    Every beautiful girl attracts single salman but the new beauty entering the indian cinema keeps soft corner for badshah of Bollywood ShahRukh Khan and wants to work with him to get fame and success.