Has Katrina Kaif been asked to play princess Noor Inayat Khan?

The Ek Tha Tiger gal is reportedly in talks with National Award winning filmmaker Ketan Mehta for his next biopic, based on the story of a spy who was killed by the Nazis in World War II

All those critics and naysayers who ridiculed Katrina Kaif’s funny Hindi and English roots may soon have to eat their own words. ‘Coz we think her weaknesses are finally becoming her strengths. We have seen in the past that the Ek Tha Tiger beauty has bagged quite a few films like Namastey London, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan because of her very Brit characteristics.

And we think these qualities have once again proven lucky for her. Our source told us, “Katrina will be playing princess Noor Inayat Khan in Ketan Mehta’s bio-pic on Tipu Sultan’s great-great-granddaughter.” However, when the two-time National Award winner filmmaker was asked to substantiate the rumour, he said, “All I can say at this stage is that a top actress is playing Noor Inayat.”

For those who don’t know, Noor Inayat Khan was a princess born to Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great grandson of Tipu Sultan. Born in Moscow and raised in England, she was a British spy working for the Allied Forces during World War II. She was willing to give up on love for her cause, even though she found herself a man who would have been worth living for. And she was caught, tortured and killed by the Nazis…all without divulging any of the information she had saved in her head, it is said. A number of books have been written on this brave woman, all of which just demand a well made film on the subject!

So you get the parallel between Kat and Khan’s foreign upbringing, and wethinks that’s why Mehta wants to cast the top-of-the-line leading lady. What else could it be? Acting prowess? You got to be kidding! While we love Kat and think she may soon overthrow the reigning diva Kareena Kapoor from the golden seat of B-town’s top spot, choosing her to be heroine for this planned biopic has nothing to do with her skills of emoting in front of the camera. After all, sometimes we still cry – with despair, not joy – when we watch Kat do her dialoguebaazi and rona dhona onscreen.

But we cannot help cheer for Tiger’s lady – after all, she is going places that none of our desi ladkis have managed to do…yet!