Has Katrina Kaif grown too big for her boots?

We know celebs throw tantrums, but the supposedly very professional Ms Kaif went one step further when she was shooting for a commercial. Read on to find out what actually happened…

Katrina Kaif was recently shooting for a beverage brand that she endorses at Film City studio in Goregaon. And things were going smoothly till the Dhoom:3 babe was asked to do a retake by the Director of Photography (DOP), who was especially flown in from Australia for the film. We hear that the DOP thought a few scenes needed to be shot again and hence asked Ranbir Kapoor’s alleged girlfriend (now fiancé, reportedly) to do it over. The poor DOP was shocked, totally unprepared for what followed. As a friend on the sets told us, Katrina got so annoyed with that request that she walked away from the studio, leaving the shoot hanging midway. Our khufiya khabroo says, “Katrina just upped and left the studio. As of now, the shoot has been put on hold.”

We do feel sympathy sad for the DOP. After all, why so much fuss over a retake, missy K? Isn’t that part of your job, Kat, the work that you are paid so well to do? Which makes us wonder – if she has so many nakhras as the single Ms Kaif, what will happen when she becomes a Kapoor bahu?