Has Krrish 3 truly broken the box office records of 3 Idiots and Chennai Express?

Has Krrish 3 truly broken the box office records of 3 Idiots and Chennai Express?

There is a definite disparity between the figures trade analysts are talking about and the overblown numbers claimed by the makers of the superhero movie. So what is the truth in this matter? Has Hrithik Roshan’s latest film really made that much money?

Numbers are supposed to be absolute, right? But not always, we find, not in the movie business, at least. That reminds us of the famous Siddhuism (the pearls of wisdom invented by former cricketer Navjot Singh Siddhu): statistics are like bikinis – what they reveal is glorious, but what they hide is essential!

And essential it is indeed to have some secrets as far as box office numbers are concerned. In an industry where you are rated by the glorious amount of moolah you rake in at the collection centres with your last film, the numbers game becomes a must-play part of the business. So when it was reported that Krrish 3 entered the prestigious Rs 200 crore club recently with it’s ‘heroic’ box office collections, it raised many a starry eyebrow, particularly of the Khan kind.

The makers of Krrish 3 – the year’s hugely anticipated superhero flick that has bagged mixed reviews – started tomtomming the news that the movie had netted Rs 250 crore plus (some claimed that the business had reached the unbelievable Rs 500 crore mark!) soon after its release. But according to someone we know who knows Rakesh Roshan and the business, “The overblown and exaggerated figures are laughable. While it is understood that the movie has done good business irrespective of the fact that it has also received stinging criticism for its not-so-flattering special effects and the lack of a concrete plot, the movie has not exactly netted as much as the makers are claiming. It has certainly not broken the 3 Idiots record set by Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani and gang, and has not come even close to SRK’s Chennai Express profits. The collections shown in the newspapers are gross numbers and not the net amount,” said our source.

“ I think the figures are healthy, but they are further boosted by striking a smart balance between the overseas numbers and the collections in India. Either of these collections is being mentioned as the net figure. Clearly, the makers are taking the liberty of adding the gross amount of the remaining collections without clarifying that it is not the NET amount. This has pushed the collection further up by another Rs 30 crore at least and that has made Krrish 3 stand tall and strong at the box office,” he added.

We also learned that some critics and trade analysts have been ‘taken care of’ so that they do not give clear numbers to Krrish 3 collections. Some even refused to comment, keeping in mind the Roshans’ good reputation in the industry. Rakesh has his take on the whole issue. “I’m not in a position to fudge the figures by Rs 40-50 crore. People don’t know the exact figures, but I get all the figures from all over India in the morning. People just go by assumptions and know only 70 percent box-office information, while I know 100 percent. We opened at 4,300 screens,” he said in an interview.

Now we at BollywoodLife wonder what the real, honest and unbiased report card of Krrish 3 looks like. The box office collections at the moment are revealing the glory of the superhero, but are they still hiding the essentials he owns, all to look super cool?

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  • rouble

    These figures are not fake.
    krissh 3 deserves on the top.
    this is film industry not khans industry….

  • aditya

    krissh 3 is a bad movie…papa roshan is a khankir chele….hehehe

  • baburoy

    oh yes,your so called source claiming krrish 3 has not even touched 3 idiots and saying the BOI figures of krrish 3 correct. And when this same source says that CE has collected net 227 crore which is producer figure then there is no problem. But you cant believe the prducer figure about Krrish 3. Double standard at its best. This is quite natural, as this site was spreading negativity about krrish 3 from long and now they cant digest success of Hrithik.

    • kamal

      I do agree with you. Who knows actual collections of craps like JTHJ and Chennai Express? in case of Khans, everything is correct and when any other actor give blockbusters these clown khans and their agents can digest the fact.

  • baburoy

    wow, great. You have no problem about the producer figure of a crap movie like CE , then why you have so much problem to digest the producer collection of krrish 3?


    salman is best

  • tikuda

    the pampered minority wants everything on a platter, they can’t digest if one of the majority succeed , and the members of these pampered minority are promoted by the electronic media, who said bollywood is secular…minority appeasement everywhere…

  • Vivekanand Choudhary.

    I liked krrish3, & I hope come fast krrish4.
    l wish to all of you

  • pratik

    bollywoodlife go get a life….u’ve been spreading negativity about K3 even b4 it released so itz quite natural dat u guyz r jealous so keep on spreading negativity,truth remains truth & itz so funny dat y’all believe CE producer figures but not K3 producer figures..i bet dat ur source is ur watchman

  • Sourav

    keep on barking.. indirectly u r publicizing the movie…

  • Dheerpal Yadav

    This movie bollywood no. 1 movie and my favourite all life

  • M S


  • dheeraj

    ok.. Agreed with u well said
    But slight correction mAY krrish3 not even crossed
    50cr or 100cr but it is still a good movie at heart and very well made.
    But iam not getting one thing according to some gayfans
    If CE grossed 33cr from 3700 screens and ramleela
    grossed 17cr from 3000screens
    A very hyped successful franchise superhero(>>list is big)
    film grossed 18cr net from 4300 screens
    these are called fake collections
    Truth is many people not bothered to include
    dubbed collections ignoring them
    I doubt are AP and TN not india ? why u people not including them
    Do u expect makers to expecting colections of dubbing
    As iam a analyst also according to me after some research
    Krrish3 collections– 206crr hindi 30cr telugu ,tamil
    total 236crr nett

  • Mik

    Hehe what all these roshans do to earn record,shame shame puppy shame hrithik roshan and his idiotic buffoon fans who think they r on the top of the world with a bloody crappy kidy movie.shame shame puppy shame.shi shi hehehe.aww hritik fans do celeberate on ur fake collection ok hehehe

  • ssachin

    I think that u people r not enough qualified to do annalyst. It seems that ur remarks are baseless. Even in our family there are some who do not like us n they dont want us to progress. They r jealous. This is what is happening in roshan’s family. Surely the film has broken all records. It’s because u r fan of khans u dont wanna accept it. My friend record are made to b broken. Am sure dhoom 3 willbreak all records, try to accept defeat. Dont look 4 information from the Roshan’s family. Try to annalyse it using ur talent mind n sources from professionals not relative.

  • vishu

    U r talking abt strong story plot then listen chennai Express story was nothing compared 2 k3. How could such a run and chase story match up with gr8 technology and story impact of k3. None of the khans could ever raise up to the standards of Hrithik’s looks and acting. He is the only hero who has taken all khans single handly.

  • Dhruv

    Krrish 3 is indeed a great movie and i think collections of krrish 3 is 240cr net but still its too low.. It should be more. Haters keep hating


    hrithik is a real hero

  • milind

    Y u beleiving shahrukh n salman they are bad actors less than hritik n govinda n aamir also hypocretic one hritic has broken records so thaynchya potat dukhte tell em shahrukh aamir salman shld retire now ranbir hritik akshay are the best

  • hrithik

    What about 3 idiots and Chennai express.why dont U say that all that amount are gross too.