Has Lara Dutta named her baby Saira Bhupathi?

Something we read on a website makes us believe that it is true

Lara Dutta gave birth to a baby girl today and the online world is already atwitter with congratulatory messages. Now we hear that the actor has named her daughter Saira. Is this true? Or are we just jumping to conclusions? Our hypothesis is based on a line we read off a website when we were looking for more details about the new baby. This one came from Imran Mirza, father of the injury-beleaguered Sania Mirza Malik. The gentleman’s phone status reads: Welcoming Saira Bhupathi in this world. Now that made us think really hard and we are sure you will agree with our not-too-wild conjecture on this one.

If this is true, congrats to all concerned in the Dutta-Bhupathi family. Of course, this makes us wonder why Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek and the others in their extended family do not hurry up and give little Beti B a name that can be announced to the world, accidentally by a well-meaning friend or otherwise.