Has Priyanka Chopra found her perfect man?

If the news we heard is anywhere near true, then it looks like PC could be a Mrs very soon! But kya yeh sahi hai…ya galat?

OK, so we have all been waiting for the beeyoootiful Priyanka Chopra to find her significant other and announce it to the world. And we always knew that she would. Someday. But as we were smiling at the thought of someone saying ‘Mujhse shaadi karoge‘ to our glam-babe in real life, a rumour floated in through the newsroom window that we found so funny that we had to share it with you.

It seems that PC’s family has gotten fed up with waiting for her to find a good rishta and settle down instead of rushing madly around the world becoming more famous by the day. And, according to a TV channel we occasionally tune in to, Priyanka’s maasi has zeroed in on the Lord Shiva Himself. Well, not literally, of course! Maasiji has decided that Mohit Raina, who plays Mahadev on the telly-show Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev. He is a well-behaved, honest young man, we hear the lady said.

OK, so now do we believe this story? Would you? To us, it sounds like either a very early April’s Fool joke or wishful thinking, or silly PR. But, we must admit, if PC found a dishy man, we would be delighted – more grist to our gossip mill!