Has Priyanka Chopra patched up with star wives?

Has Priyanka Chopra patched up with star wives?

She was snubbed by a coterie of star wives for getting dangerously close to Shahrukh Khan, but Piggy Chops now finds that a patch-up could be on the horizon

Priyanka Chopra’s presence at Karan Johar’s 40th birthday bash raised many eyebrows. It was speculated that PC was not invited to the party initially for reasons which are widely known but never discussed on the social circuit except in hushed tones.

Apparently, Priyanka’s close friendship with Shahrukh Khan did not go down well with the superstar’s wife. A cluster of social divas were at work to make sure that Priyanka was ostracised from the elite wives club and from major social dos. But surprisingly, Priyanka turned up to wish KJo on his special day.

And now we hear that PC’s presence at Karan’s birthday party could be a game changer. We also are told that the same star wives who snubbed the Agneepath gal for almost a year were seen socialising with Piggy Chops as if nothing had happened! They also extended an olive branch to PC. Was this Farhan Akhtar’s doing, as our birdie chirped suggestively to us? Or did Gauri Khan set some rules for hubby SRK and so smooth things out with PC? Or was there no fire to get all that smoke going in the first place? Who knows! If we ever do, we will share, we promise!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ash

    gossip mongers!!! come on, get a life

    • Rumorfactory

      There is no end to this rumors. Actually the problem here is that too many versions came out post patch up. Interestingly i have also heard rumors of gauri barring SRK from working with Priyanka chopra.