Has ‘RA.One’ managed to inspire ‘Don 3′?

Has ‘RA.One’ managed to inspire ‘Don 3′?

Is Farhan Akhtar getting too inspired by Shahrukh Khan? What will Don 3 really look like? Find out what’s actually happening in the Don world…

Wondering what’s going on in the kingdom ruled by Don? Here’s some news. While trailers of Don 2 are just trickling in, a li’l birdie revealed that Farhan Akhtar is already on his way to scripting Don 3! This obsession with Don might make one wonder what is it that’s keeping Akhtar addicted to this Don drama? Well, it’s the elusive ending. Farhan Akhtar compares his plight to a famous dialogue from Don and says that “Don ko pakadna mushkil hai, story khatam hona bhi mushkil hai (Catching Don is difficult, ending the story is also difficult).” In that case, why don’t you start cooking up contests for this dilemma, dear Farhan? It will help you save you loads of time and money on Don 4, 5, 6… and many more. We have also heard that the third sequel of Don will be full of special effects and fights involving hi-tech laser guns and explosives. This makes us wonder if a certain RA.One plays a teeny-weeny role in inspiring Don 3. If that’s the case, please go through the complaint list that RA.One has generated, Farhan. After all, we don’t want another movie that’s all-SFX and no direction!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • hjhl

    harami site

    • srkfan

      harami site

    • Rajnikanth

      Mere Sona , SRK ka gussa site par mat nikaal :P

  • Rashel

    The main intension of this site is to say negative things about SRK and his films and thus attract the SRK fans to this site and increase the rank of the site. This is how mean persons can be. Agree with the last reply – ‘harami site’.

  • SCH

    Absolutely.Ra One was awesome!!!

  • adi

    site chalane ke liye srk ke naam ka sahara lete ho. it shows the power of srk the king khan. whoever needs publicity critisising him or ra.1.. bewkuf sale sab srk ka kuch nhi bigdega tum sab badnam ho rahe ho.

  • safiq

    Man i couldn’t even watch 3o mins of ra one it was so stupid being a sharukh fan..why they spend so much money to
    make this crap,i hope sharukh can better movie in the future.why bodyguard and dabang was hit cause they had sstories and not copy of hollywood movie.

    • bhaskar

      ra.one was not any copy… It was an original story.. Rather bodyguard was a remake of south movie

  • yousuf

    I am a srk fan but ra.one was crap.

  • linda onuegbu

    Shahrukh khan all ur movies rock,salman khan & amir khan can go 2 hell,u rock king khan,luv u genius!

  • Bhaskar

    why u guyz always point at shahrukh….wo akela hai jo original hai..rest all survive by remakes of south indian films.. Srk tries every experiments with his roles and thus he’s everyone’s favourite…

  • Ajitkumar

    i am big fan of shahrukh.
    ………….salman khan is good actor but not better than shahrukh.(salu miya go to hell)

  • Ajitkumar

    i am big fan of shahrukh.my heart is pump for srk

  • Ajit kumar

    salu miya your sister is so beautiful……….
    ………..(please give chance then i sleep one night with your lovely sister)