Has Ranbir Kapoor replaced Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss 8?

Has Ranbir Kapoor replaced Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss 8?
Yogen Shah

Reportedly, the Kapoor lad will step in the shoes of the eternal bachelor as the host of Bigg Boss 8

The recently concluded seventh season of India’s most controversial and high voltage reality show Bigg Boss was quite eventful. Not only the contestants, but host Salman Khan also created quite a stir during the show. The Dabangg Khan was accused of being biased towards certain contestants, after which he received a lot of flak not only from his haters, but also from the same legion of fans who worshiped him. The social networking sites were full of negative tweets and posts about Salman, which troubled him to the extent that he announced that Bigg Boss 7 might be his last season as a host.

Apparently the makers of the show are trying real hard to convince Sallu bhai to not to quit the show, but he is firm on he remains firm on is decision. And looks like the makers have almost given up because if the recent reports are anything to go by, then Ranbir Kapoor, who happens to be in Salman’s hit list has been approached to host the eighth season of Bigg Boss. Yes, you heard us right!

Well, what Salman said on Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan 4 is indeed coming true. Ranbir indeed seems to be taking everything away from Salman – Katrina Kaif , movies and now, TV shows. Wink! Anyway, tell us, would you like Ranbir to host Bigg Boss 8?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pia


  • pia


  • Malenna Corredor

    Yes, hopefully he get tcp as high as besharam box office #….what rubbish after Having Salman Khan hosting bigg boss there is not room for improvement…no better or worst host…just no one like Salman!!!

    • Mahiyan Salman

      ranbir kapoor sucks

  • Mahiyan Salman

    u suck ranbir kappor……u will not be the host…….salman khan will be the host……colors tv plz agree it…

  • Sana

    Nooooooooooo … Anyone wants salman khan only

  • arshi khan

    not at all

  • Sanya

    Ranbir Kapoor is a much better actor and an amazing human being. Salman is awesome but seriously,don’t say Ranbir sucks,get a fucking life.

    • xxx

      Ranbir is a bad person

  • rima

    Ranbir….never… ever. It doesn’t match. He is perfect for besaram acts. Sallu is Good but if he rejects, Anil Kapoor might be an option. He has a good sense of humor.

  • Eng Mehak Khan

    yes yes yes

  • restate

    No one from bolly wood can replace salman in Big boss …he is the ultimate host for big boss..no one will watch big boss if no salman

  • lovi

    Ranbor kapoor ha ha ha so fany .only one salman khan .ranbir is bich

    • Emraan

      yes …No one can host like that this show ..but someone will host the season its a new experience guys either its flop or hit ..but we cant use a bad words to anyone doesn’t matter who will host

  • Malenna Corredor

    please nooooooo!!!! I don’t think nobody will be so sub-creative to think in these swaping of host!!! there is not bigg boss without Salman!!!

  • Nancy Samuel

    Never…….Salman khan rocks as the big boss host………

  • angel

    Ranbirrrr not @ all…. He s a fucker nt an anchor///

  • Kartikay Sharma.OSRJ

    With Ranbir hosting it, I won’t miss any motherfucking episode and won’t let any of my friends miss it either! SO DO IT! DON’T THINK ABOUT IT TOO MUCH! ACT ALREADY!

  • Anish Paul

    no…never…..chutiya ranbir will host bigg boss..how funny…..

  • Arpit Anand

    no never ranveer salman is best host then other

  • abhisekh

    Salman is in the bussiness for maybe more than 20 years but still when it comes to acting, Ranbir wins. He is a better actor so probably will be a better host too

  • Manoj Samantaray

    Ranbir kapoor is the right choice for host BIG BOSS 8,,Salman khan is boring,he should be changed and also much older..

  • Pratikha Ghosh K

    u guys either dont know wht suck means or u urself suck!!

  • Pratikha Ghosh K

    Its not Ranbir’s fault that he hs bn apprchd by the ppl of Big Boss and he didnt make Salman leave the show,its Salman’s choice…so if any1 abuses Ranbir then plz stop giving a f**k

  • sameer khan

    nobodyyy can do like salmannn…bigg boss han made for salman..Salman khan rocks as the big boss host………ranbir just do film it is good for u…

  • sameer khan

    No one from bolly wood can replace salman in Big boss ..

  • sameer khan

    There is not bigg boss without Salman!!!

  • Inamul Hoque

    we wnt to see as a hst of bigg boss 8 being human..salman khan

  • Nishat H

    ranbir kapoor to host??? lolz…he is such a bore….he isnt in the same league as Salman in terms of hosting da dabangg way

    • imran

      Ranbir kare yeh salman…… both fuck of…. its illiuminate socity its a dajjal fitna… u guyz wake up…. grlz allah ap log ko hiddayath de…. ameen

  • Being Pravin

    aukat nahi hai uski

  • Bhavesh Patil

    ranbir suckssssssss

  • afreen shaikh

    bigg boss host karna sirf salman ko ata hai,or kisi ko nahi.so pls ranbir kapoor bigg boss nahi host kare to acha hai