Has Ranveer Singh moved in with Deepika Padukone?

Oh yes, Ram Leela’s lead pair has been hanging out a lot at the Dippy’s plush pad in Prabhadevi

It is stale goss that Deepika Padukone is rumored to be dating Ranveer Singh! The latest development in their relationship is, the lovebirds prefer being behind shut doors. Apparently, Dippy and Ranveer got to know each other while they were attending workshops for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela.

As their friendship grew, the duo was spotted together on numerous occasions, dining and dancing at various restaurants and clubs. To avoid the maddening paparazzi, Deepika-Ranveer chose to arrive and depart separately for their secret dinner dates… only to add fuel to the fire! After the hush-hush dinners, coochie-cooing at parties and juggling between places to spend time together, Deepika and Ranveer still claim to be single… We believe!

Recently, the two have been spending some quality time together at Deepika’s pad. The initial buzz was that they were living in together but that’s not true… However, DP’s neighbors allege that Ranveer frequents her luxurious apartment and they are often seen sharing cozy meals together. We wonder if DP’s ex, Ranbir’s recently leaked pictures on his holiday with Kat have made Deepika-Ranveer decide to go under the wraps… Taking things slow, are we?

Anyways, this was off the sets of Ram Leela. Heard the latest that’s happening on the sets of Ram Leela? Deepika and Ranveer are known to share an amiable relationship with the crew members of Ram Leela. So, when they heard that many crew members were observing a fast as it’s the period of Ramadan, the lead pair along with director, SLB decided to fast. Also, the trio sat together with the crew members for iftaari (breaking of fast). Sweet na?