Has Saif Ali Khan vowed to never visit Delhi again?

A recent promotional event of Bullett Raja has affected the Nawab’s feeling for the capital

Saif Ali Khan was in Delhi with his heroine Sonakshi Sinha and director Tigmanshu Dhulia for the promotions of Bullett Raja. The actor was running two hours late for the event. The press that was kept waiting for two hours in a crammed space got really angry and decided to boycott the Nawab and the film’s cast. What followed were various statements from the cast, some reports quoted Saif, “I will not apologise because it is not my fault… I was stuck in traffic. I should not be blamed for this chaos and I feel stars should not come to Delhi. This is my last visit to Delhi and henceforth, I will give interviews from Mumbai.” The actor made an appearance at an event organised by the Delhi Election Commission, blamed the organisers instead, “If anybody should apologise it is the election officials as they didn’t convey the right time.”

However we hear that Nawab’s begum Kareena Kapoor Khan doled out some tips to the actor husband to stay calm and cool in such situation. Guess that’s why there was a stark difference in the statements that the actor made a day after the entire episode made headlines. Saif said, “I could never say that. Delhi and Pataudi are in my blood. I was brought up there, I’m deeply connected to the city, my mother lives there. I wasn’t agitated. And when we realised interviews weren’t happening, we left. I respect the media but since it shapes public opinion, it should be a little careful in its reportage.”

Now this isn’t the first time for Saif, the actor had a similar situation couple of years back at Cocktail promotional event in Mumbai. And even as the makers had proudly claimed earlier on how Saifu had handled the crowds gathering on sets of Bullett Raja during the shoot, looks like that practice did not come handy for Mr Khan in Delhi, right BollywoodLifers?